Obama Administration: Oops, Maybe We Do Need Missile Defense Against North Korea, Iran

Better late than never? Or too little too late?

The Obama Administration has apparently woken up to the idea that there are bad people in the world who want to fire nuclear missiles at us.

New Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel announced Friday that the U.S. will add 14 missile defense systems in Alaska as insurance against a missile strike by either North Korea or Iran.

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Earlier in the day, North Korea scared the bejeebers out of the rest of the world by firing off a bunch of short-range missiles in the Sea of Japan.

This missile display came only a week after North Korea’s leader, the barely pubescent Kim Jong Un, said he wanted to nuke the United States.

It was also about a month after the communists caused a large earthquake by detonating an underground nuclear device.

Iran, also, has been working on its own nuclear device and developing a long-range launch system.

After years of non-leadership in addressing the threat posed by both nations, President Obama has apparently taken time from fighting the “real enemy” — carbon dioxide — and agreed to let the U.S. military add some missiles on the West Coast, you know, just in case. The East Coast is apparently still on its own.

The new missile defenses, to be based at Fort Greely, won’t be fully deployed until 2017, however.

No need to rush. Un and Mahmoud I’m-a-dinner-jacket will understand the delay and certainly wait, out of courtesy.

In a statement, Sen. Kelly Ayotte said, “I applaud the Obama administration’s decision, but it shouldn’t have taken the predictable saber-rattling from North Korea to bring this about.”

She also admonished the Administration to stop dragging its feet and build missile defenses for the East Coast. “Americans living in the Eastern United States should have the same level of missile defense protection as those in the West,” she said.

Good luck with that.

As North Korea and Iran continue to get closer to starting a nuclear war, the Administration remains content to wait and see which U.S. city our enemies will light up first before deciding whether to really do anything about it.

So long as they don’t strike any town with one of Obama’s favorite golf courses, our enemies can rest easy.

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