Church Bans Straight Weddings Until Homosexual Marriage Is Legalized

If a wedding photographer refuses to offer his services at a same-sex “wedding” because he doesn’t want to show his support for homosexuality, he can be sued for discrimination. The same is true for any other Christian business that seeks to avoid endorsing something that that business owner finds repulsive. If homosexuals are looking for a business to accommodate them, they shouldn’t be able to force one to provide a service for them, but they can, and they do.

If you turn the issue around, nothing happens. Case in point, a Methodist church in North Carolina has decided to stop marrying straight couples until the state and the denomination officially recognizes homosexual “marriage.” Green Street Church made the announcement on their website. It read, in part:

 “On the matter of same-sex marriage, Green Street UMC sees injustice in the legal position of state government and the theological position of our denomination. North Carolina prohibits same-sex marriage and all the rights and privileges marriage brings. The Leadership Council has asked that their ministers join others who refuse to sign any State marriage licenses until this right is granted to same-sex couples. Because the United Methodist Church prohibits its pastors from conducting same-sex weddings, excluding gay and lesbian couples from the holy sacrament of marriage, the Leadership Council has asked the pastor to refrain from conducting wedding ceremonies in our sanctuary for straight couples, until the denomination lifts its ban for same-sex couples.”

 Where’s the outrage from the left? Where are the ACLU lawsuits? This is pure discrimination based on sexual orientation. I thought that wasn’t allowed.

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Well, it’s not allowed if you’re opposed to homosexuality. If you’re a homosexual or a homosexual sympathizer, than it’s not really possible to discriminate against non-homosexuals. It doesn’t work that way. They don’t look at it as discrimination. It’s kind of like racism. Only whites can be racist.

While I obviously don’t agree at all with any government or church recognizing homosexual marriages, it’s not so much that I am opposed to same-sex marriage as it is that I don’t believe in it. Like I don’t believe in square-circles. It’s a logical impossibility.

The widespread acceptance of homosexual marriage shows a continued degradation of our culture. What used to be considered normal (traditional marriage between one man and one woman) is now considered abnormal. Perverts are looked at as victims of bigotry, and those who value Biblical marriage and family are looked at as “haters” and homophobes.

This Methodist church doesn’t want to discriminate against homosexuals in the context of marriage. How long are they going to discriminate against pedophiles and bestialists, both of whom were “born that way?” What if man wanted to marry a 4-year-old boy? Would this church exclude that man and his 4-year-old “husband?” How long will our government deprive a woman and her dog from marrying? Where are the “equal rights,” or do they apply only to consenting human adults? That’s not very equal; nor is it very inclusive considering how many life forms and inanimate objects there are to choose from in this universe that are being excluded from marriage.

The truth is that homosexuals don’t care one bit about marriage. Why would they? They simply want cultural acceptance, and they’ve been using their lobbying power to force their “tolerance” down our throats.

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