Church Vandalism: Sign of America’s Moral Degradation

I was watching the local news and just a report that seven churches in a nearby town were vandalized overnight.  The perpetrators either kicked in doors, broke windows or in one case pried open the back door just a short time after police checked the church.

Once inside the churches, they broke numerous items and stole anything of value they could find.  One church said that the materials stolen were only worth about $1,500 but the damage done inside would cost well over $15,000 to repair.

Since the first of the year, it seems that every week or so, I hear another report of a church building being vandalized, often stealing the copper coils from air condition units.  One church had their air conditioning unit stripped of copper twice, they placed a security fence around the unit and installed a security camera.  A couple weeks later, the camera recorded several young men using their truck and chains to yank the fence away, allowing the thieves access to once again destroy the air conditioning units.  After the third time, the church said they could not afford another $30,000 repair bill so the unit was not repaired or replaced.  It’s been in the 90s most of this summer with high humidity and high dew points, which is making services quite uncomfortable.

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All of this is a troubling sign of the moral decay of our nation.  A very vocal minority has been allowed to force its anti-God agenda on the nation as a whole.  God, Jesus and the Bible have been removed from public schools and government buildings.  High school students are not allowed to pray at football games yet some of these same schools allow Muslim students to meet their mandatory prayer requirements during school hours.

The result is a generation that not only doesn’t know God, but have no respect for person, property or anything once considered sacred, like church buildings.  And why should they?  They’ve been indoctrinated with the godless religion of evolution and taught that they are just another animal.  Survival of the fittest is the rule of nature.  The strong will survive while the weak will perish.  They demonstrate their perceived strength by attacking others and other’s property.

The moral degradation is also seen in how blatantly our leaders defy God’s laws.  They lie, steal, cheat, worship false gods and worse of all, they have been deciding what is right and wrong for themselves, regardless what the Bible says.

One of the worst offenses is the redefinition of marriage to include homosexual relationships.  God established marriage as one man and one woman from the very beginning.  He has given us stern warnings of how seriously He takes the violation of marriage by accepting homosexuality.  If you study history, virtually every nation and culture that embraced homosexuality were destroyed by God.  He brought some of the strongest civilizations down to ruins once they became as decadent as America is today.  And it’s only a matter of time until we suffer the same fate as them if we don’t turn from our wicked ways.

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