Churches in Maine Rising Up Against Gay Marriage Ballot Measure

For the past fifty to sixty years, churches in America have quietly sat back while minority groups have pushed their immoral and anti-biblical agendas.  They’ve allowed the Bible and Christianity to be removed from schools and any government and public institution.  As churches sit quietly by, homosexuality has been rearing its ugly head and consuming the American culture.

However, a number of churches in Maine have finally decided to stand up for the Bible.  Reports filtering out of Maine indicate that churches are banning together to campaign against same-sex marriage.

Protect Marriage Maine political action committee has been established to raise funds to influence voters to vote against a proposed measure to legalize same-sex marriage.  Organizers of the PAC have been contacting over 800 churches throughout the state to help with their campaign.  On Father’s Day, they are expecting as many as 200 churches across the state to pass the collection plates as a fundraising for the PAC.

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Christian Civic League of Maine Executive Director Carroll Conley Jr said,

“The messaging we’re using is that those who are seeking to redefine marriage in Maine believe there’s no difference between moms and dads.  We believe those differences are relevant. We don’t think the differences in the genders are societally imposed roles, and we believe that children benefit when they’re in that ideal environment where there’s a mom and dad.”

Supporters of the measure to legalize same-sex marriage are bringing in big guns from outside the state including Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson from New Hampshire.  They estimated that same-sex supporters will raise at least $5 million to be used to campaign for the measure.  Opponents of the measure, including Protect Marriage Maine political action committee and the Christian Civic League of Maine, say their fundraising will probably be much less, but that the collection on Father’s Day should be a great start.

Some may be questioning the legality of churches, who are a 501(c) 3 non-profit, being able to raise funds for a political purpose.  In fact, they are forbidden from endorsing or supporting a political candidate, but not for political issues and causes.

I’m just glad to see more churches starting to stand up to the immorality and decadence that is permeating our nation and our people.  We need every Christian church to join them and start fighting against the tyranny of sin that is taking over our government.  We need them all to stand up for Christ instead of sitting down and letting Satan rule.

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