CIA Smuggling Arms in Benghazi — No, Really?

News flashes from the mainstream media, followed by the reaction of knowledgeable people (i.e., those who don’t wait for the mainstream media to find out what’s going on):

The CIA had personnel on the ground when the U.S. mission in Benghazi, Libya, was attacked last year, leaving four Americans, including an ambassador, dead.


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The CIA operatives were smuggling guns through Benghazi on their way to illicitly arm “rebels” in Syria.


The Obama Administration has been hiding witnesses from Congress.

I’ll see your “duh-huh” and raise you a “doy!”

The CIA has been changing witnesses’ names to conceal their identities.


The Obama Administration may be covering up what really happened.


There is no sound effect disdainful enough to convey the absolute, irresponsible stupidity of the MSM. CNN supposedly dropped this “bombshell” about the CIA running guns, hiding witnesses and trying to cover their tracks this week, but it’s going to add up to nothing.

UPI, AP and other news sources that have been working overtime to ignore the Benghazi scandal are now suddenly so in the know that they can (rightly) dismiss the CNN story about gun-running as old news, which it is, though you wouldn’t know it from listening to the MSM.

The Wall Street Journal and even CNN had briefly reported on this months ago before forgetting it ever happened.

What’s going on is that the media, probably abetted by the White House, are dribbling out little bits of the story every once in a while without the overall context. That numbs the Obama zombies who never piece things together, and it enables other elements of the MSM to dismiss any new elements as “old news” that you should not worry about.

In this case, the new element seems to be that witnesses are having their names changed and being monitored by the CIA to prevent leaks. But tie it to the story about gun-running, which is available in the MSM archives if you dig, then “oh, it’s just old news,” yet CNN can still collect a journalism award for its “bombshell” reporting.

Everybody wins, except the families of four dead Americans and anyone who cares about the truth.

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