Cincinnati Bans Therapy that Helps Gender Confused People

Cincinnati, Ohio has fallen into the liberal slide of America’s moral decay and destruction by becoming the first city in America to ban gender identity and sexual orientation conversion therapy, also known as reparative therapy.

The therapy is generally used by conservative and Christian leaders and therapists in helping gender confused teens to realize the dangers and sins of homosexuality and help them to lead a life of being straight and faithful to God’s teachings. There have been many cases where conversion therapy has been successful and helped people lead normal happy lives.

But in our current culture of sexual perversion and debauchery, gay activists have mounted a huge national campaign to ban conversion therapy because it teaches confused people the truth and they don’t what that to happen. They want as many others to be trapped into the abominable lifestyle as possible to help justify their own sinfulness.

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The nine person Cincinnati City Council voted 7-2 to ban the conversion therapy within city limits. Violators will face a fine of $200.

The ordinance was pushed by gay city council member Chris Seelbach, the first openly gay person to be elected to the Cincinnati City Council in 2011. He has been such an outspoken gay activist that Barack Obama named Seelbach as a national Harvey Milk ‘Champion of Change’ for his efforts to push gay equality or should I say gay superiority.

At the city council meeting on Monday, Seelbach shared that he went through conversion therapy 20 years ago and said it turned his whole world upside down. The council heard of a number of conversion therapy disasters, some of which led to suicide. What they didn’t hear were the numerous successful therapies that led to long happy straight lives. The city council also didn’t hear that the suicide rate among homosexuals is significantly higher than the rate of normal straight people to begin with.

I believe that banning conversion therapy is illegal, discriminatory and contradictory. Public schools, starting at kindergarten all the way through high school, push homosexuality on all students, including normal straight students. They are being brainwashed to believe that homosexuality is normal and acceptable.

However, efforts to teach anyone that homosexuality is wrong and perverted are labeled as dangerous and harmful. It’s not okay to teach the truth, but it is okay to teach a perverted lie.

Conversion therapy has also been banned by several states and now by a city who only a decade ago voted to ban gay marriage in state where voters approved a constitutional amendment defining marriage as one man with one woman. But all that changed once Obama took office and began pushing gay superiority, not equality. In the past 7 years, Obama has drastically escalated efforts to destroy America’s moral values, knowing that would help usher in his socialist agenda.

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