Citizen Group Documents Flood of Illegals Crossing Border Into US

President Barack Obama continues to tell America that our borders are safer now than they have been in years.  The Gang of Eight group of US Senators recently visited one of the most secure sections of the border and then headed back to Washington DC to push their massive immigration reform bill through Congress as fast as possible.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has toured the border and reported seeing drug cartels on the Mexican side of the border just waiting to cross over into the US.  She has repeatedly invited President Obama to come and see for himself how unsecure the border is, but he’s not only been a no show, but he hasn’t even had the courtesy to contact her to say he is unable to accept her offer.

Ranchers along the border also have reported the prolific traffic of illegal aliens and drug traffickers, but their reports are being ignored by the Obama administration and Congress.  Now a group of concerned citizens called Secure Border Intelligence have released video and audio documenting the flood of illegal traffic flowing into the state of Arizona.  It seems the promise of amnesty and citizenship is drawing more illegals like bugs to a light bulb at night.

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The group mounted numerous motion-activated cameras along known trails used by the illegals.  They were able to film any groups of up to 50 or more individuals trekking across the desert on foot.  Some were backpacking large containers of water and others were carrying large containers of illegal drugs.  The group also managed to record a number of communications between Border Patrol ground agents and their surveillance pilots above.

Every day, SBI posts new audio recordings from the previous 24 hours along with postings of other news and videos of crossings and shootouts along the entire 1933 miles of US-Mexico border.  They have reported catching hundreds of illegals in a single day.  Last Tuesday, they caught three Chinese illegals and on Wednesday they counted 223 illegals crossing the border.

In order to disseminate the evidence for the flood of illegals pouring into the county, SBI not only posts updates and evidence on their website, but they make the material available to anyone to use and post without any restriction other than giving them credit.  I would recommend that every one of you should copy the link to the SBI website and send it to President Obama along with your Senator and Representative and tell them not to approve the current immigration bill that is being forced down our throats like they did with Obamacare and the Stimulus packages.

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