City Appoints 2 Illegals to Commissioner Posts

Huntington Park, California is located in the southeastern part of Los Angeles County. The city’s population in 2010 was around 58,000, down from over 61,000 in 2000. The demographics of the town reveal that 51.2% of the population is Hispanic or Latino; 42.2% Pacific Islander, 1.6% non-Hispanic white and 1.3% black.

What the demographics don’t reveal is how many illegal aliens are among those figures, but from the recent actions of the city council, illegals must make up a sizeable portion of the population.

At a city council meeting Monday night, Councilman Jhonny Pineda announced that they had appointed Frank Medina and Julian Zatarain to be city commissioners. Medina will be part of the city’s health and education commission and Zatarain will be part of the parks and recreation commission.

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Both men are illegal aliens and selected to their posts because they worked on Pineda’s campaign.

Not everyone at the meeting was pleased at the revelation. One woman hollered out telling Pineda and the rest of town council that they were out of order. Another woman told a local reporter:

“We’re sending the wrong message: you can be illegal and you can come and work for the city.”

Pineda is trying to counter the criticism by saying that neither man will be paid because federal law bans it and that they will have no authority or power to make decisions on city policy. He also justified his selection by saying that during his campaign for city council he promised to create more opportunities for the city’s sizeable illegal population.

Not only do I feel that any illegal should not be allowed to hold any form of public office, paid or not, I don’t even believe that they should be allowed to work in the US unless they can prove that they arrived here legally regardless of what age they were. If they were brought her illegally as kids then as soon as they reach a reasonable age, say 18, they should be forced to apply for a visa just like every other alien seeking to enter the US legally. If rejected, as millions should be then, they should be returned to their home counties along with their illegal parents until such time that they can obtain legal permission to enter OUR country.

I want to make a note here that the permission granted to them by Barack Obama is NOT legal. Our federal immigration laws are originated in and passed by Congress and according to the US Constitution, only Congress can make changes to those laws, NOT the illegal sitting in the Oval Office.

The more we allow illegals to intrude into our country, jobs, politics and neighborhoods, the more damage we are doing to the very fabric that makes up our country. If they want the benefits they are getting – free education, medical (I wish I could get free medical, but I’m a US citizen) jobs and welfare – then let them do it legally like others. I abhor giving our nation away to people who don’t respect it enough to do things the legal way.

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