The Civil Right of Voter Fraud

The hysteria has begun, although it never really subsided.

Like the IOC (International Olympic Committee) president declaring the Olympic Games open, so too has our beloved leader officially declared, in this election-year, the protection of voter fraud has begun.

Yes, Barack Obama has kicked off the commencement of the seven-month full-court press to protect our “precious” right to vote, and the closer we get to the upcoming midterms in November, the more ridiculous the rhetoric will become.

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Last week Obama made a speech at Rev. Al (CI-007) Sharpton’s National Action Network conference. He also said virtually the same thing at the Johnson Presidential Library.

I wonder what they discuss at these events. How to better lie, cheat, steal, and extort? It’s like a bunch of inmates in prison getting together to discuss how better to rob a bank when they get out.

Anyway, Obama said, “The stark and simple truth is – the right to vote is threatened today – in a way that it has not been since the Voting Rights Act became law nearly 5 decades ago.”

Well, at least he didn’t say “let me be clear” which is his usual tagline. Oh wait – I was wrong. He continued: “So let’s be clear – the real voter fraud is people who try to deny our rights by making bogus arguments about voter fraud.”

And what are the dastardly Republicans doing? What are he and all the other would-be cheaters complaining about? Well, it’s the usual flap over the requirement of voter ID laws and restrictions on early voting and such.

Obama exclaimed that, “America did not stand up and did not march and did not sacrifice to gain the right to vote for themselves and for others only to see it denied to their kids and their grandchildren.”

Interesting choice of words: “to gain the right to vote for themselves and for others.” Who are these “others”?

In North Carolina, votes were cast “for others” during the last election. Even “others” who were dead.

All the rhetoric, all the speechifying to sycophantic crowds of Obama zombies doesn’t change what this is about — fraud. Unfettered, government sanctioned and assisted fraud.

The Democrats can’t win without it, going all the way back to the election of John Kennedy. They simply can’t win without cheating and lying, and they are all too aware of that. They don’t give a damn about the “people’s right to vote.”

Say you have something valuable, something precious, and you want to keep it safe. You would lock it up, probably in a bank safe deposit box. Now months later, for whatever reason, you need to get to that precious item. You go to the bank and say that you are who you claim to be and they just hand over the box, right? No?

You mean they actually ask you to prove who you are by presenting an ID? The nerve, asking for an ID just like the IDs that must be presented by the attendees at every function the president appears at, because he is so precious.

Voting is indeed a right that should be treated as a privilege. IDs should be required to vote as is required for almost everything of importance.

Obama and the rest of his political terrorists can lie about it all they like, but it seems enough patriots are beginning to see through the lies and are lining up against him.

Go us!

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