Clergy Advocacy Board Says Planned Parenthood ‘Doing God’s Work’

Imagine the public outcry if it was learned that any doctor or organization was murdering infants and then harvesting their organs and limbs to be sold to the highest bidder. Everyone, including most flaming liberals like Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi would condemn such actions and call for the immediate arrest of those involved.

But when the same thing is done just a couple months earlier before the infant was born, the same liberals say it’s legal and ethical.

Ever since Roe v. Wade, religious leaders in America have condemned abortion as murder and have been abhorred by the recently released videos of Planned Parenthood’s harvesting of limbs and organs from murdered pre-born humans. Most of us would expect religious leaders to speak out against such atrocities that rival those of Nazi Germany and Hitler’s inhumane medical experiments conducted in his death camps.

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Now it’s our turn to be abhorred, but not just from the Planned Parenthood videos but from a group of so-called religious leaders that are supporting and defending Planned Parenthood. The Clergy Advocacy Board is a group of religious leaders who at best can be described as so far left that they make Nancy Pelosi look like a conservative Protestant.

Last month, the advocacy board released a lengthy statement supporting the work and actions of Planned Parenthood and labeling those involved with the videos as being dishonest and launching a smear campaign that Christianity, Judaism and even Islam would condemn. In their release they wrote:

“Rather than respect religious liberty and individual conscience, some seek to impose their values and work obsessively to limit access to health care on individuals despite the fact that denial of health care may have a tremendous impact on their families.”

Jeff Walton, Communications Manager for the Institute on Religion & Democracy commented about the board’s statement, saying:

“They effectively claim God’s endorsement for Planned Parenthood. They say that that employees of Planned Parenthood are ‘doing God’s work’ and they basically say that this is an organization that is providing high quality care that ‘does the best of what religious traditions do.’” [Emphasis mine]

Walton also points out that most of the members of the board don’t represent ‘thriving congregations with some preaching to less than 60 members and even those numbers seem to be dwindling over time.

“The Advocacy Board includes clergy from the United Church of Christ, Episcopal Church and American Baptist Churches as well as clergy from Reformed Jewish and Unitarian Universalist congregations.”

“Among the clergy listed are Episcopal Priest Susan Russell of All Saints Episcopal Church in Pasadena, California, a prominent lesbian activist within the Episcopal Church who is listed as Vice Chair. The clergy board also lists Ani Zonneveld of Muslims for Progressive Values among its members. Zonneveld served as a board member of the short-lived Progressive Muslim Union of North America and has presided over same-sex weddings.”

Walton provides a full list of the members of the Clergy Advocacy Board here if you are interested.

Charlie Butts with OneNewsNow pointed out:

“The 400-word statement somehow defends Planned Parenthood and women’s ‘fetal tissue’ donations without using a key word – ‘abortion.’”

“Planned Parenthood, in fact, is the largest abortion provider in the United States, performing 327,653 last year or an average of 37 per hour, CNS News has reported.”

It makes you wonder just what their definition of religion is. Don’t forget that millions of people worship Mother Nature, the Earth, trees, animals, rocks and themselves. There is no way that any of these religious leaders can possibly worship the God of the Bible and believe what they are saying, unless they are so blinded by their worldly sins and lusts that they cannot see the truth of God’s Word. If that’s the case, then they worship some false god they created themselves.


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