Climate Change Marches Show Communism Alive and Well

Capitalism is destroying the world was the message conveyed at demonstrations around the world meant to urge governments to move ahead with plans to raise taxes, decrease freedom and reduce the amount of energy available to keep civilization running.

I recall back when I went to college — back when the odd T. rex could still be seen loping through the campus — many of the professors took part of their valuable lesson time to make sure we knew all about Sen. Joseph McCarthy and his crusade against communists, and learned how to ridicule him reflexively.

Communism? Ha ha, that’s not a threat. Communism in the media? Silly. Communism in government? Absurd. Communism in education? Don’t be ridiculous.

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Whatever else McCarthy may have been, he wasn’t wrong about the pervasive and subtle influence of communism on our society and its institutions. The era we live in must bear a strong resemblance to some of McCarthy’s worst nightmares.

McCarthy and many other politicians and writers of his era warned of the Communist Party’s long-term plans to undermine and eventually overthrow America.

Anyone who doubts that those plans have been executed over the course of decades and are coming closer to fruition needed only to look at any of the many global demonstrations over the weekend to have those doubts buried forever.

Socialists engage in a little capitalism.

Communism/socialism and its close cousin Nazism were found throughout the mass demonstrations of the paranoia and irrational fears stirred up by the climate change lie. And why wouldn’t they be? Communism and Nazism are just different faces of the global statist impulse that wants to see humanity under the thumbs of its “rightful” rulers, those rare specimens with the — in statists’ estimate — superior intellect and courage to know who should suffer, who should be punished and ultimately who should die in order to “save” the planet.

In New York, people waved signs that said “Capitalism is destroying the planet,” and many of them chanted “f*** the police!”

The United Nations will begin holding its Climate Summit on Tuesday in hopes of getting the world’s leaders to agree to a climate change treaty by sometime in 2015.

The People’s Climate March drew thousands of people in New York and London, which is respectable but not overwhelming, although the media are making it sound like these are the biggest marches in history.

That’s probably got something to do with that long-term communist influence on the media.

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