Clinton Can’t Explain Difference Between Democrat, Socialist

Democrat, socialist. “Potayto,” “potahto.”


See, most of us conservatives understand that there is no difference between a modern Democrat and a Socialist, and we frequently point it out, always to the feeble denials of the Left.

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Thus, it’s amusing to watch one of liberals’ star players struggle to explain any differences — double points when the questioning is coming from a leftist sock puppet like Chris Matthews.

Matthews set up the question as best he could, giving Hillary Clinton plenty of time to formulate an answer before he asked the actual question.

She tried to deflect the question back onto her opponent Bernie Sanders, who of course is the only openly socialist candidate running.

“You’d have to ask …,” Clinton began.

“I’m asking you,” Matthews prodded. “You’re a Democrat, he’s a Socialist. Would you like somebody to call you a Socialist? I wouldn’t like somebody calling me a Socialist.”

Clinton settled for a pick and roll. “But, but I’m not one. I mean I’m, I’m not one,” she said. “Well, I can tell you what I am: I am a Progressive Democrat. I am a Progressive Democrat who likes to get things done.”

Progressive is yet another word for socialist, dating back to President Woodrow Wilson, who was a veritable socialist dictator and ushered in Progressive Era politics, in which the state becomes master and collectivism replaces individualism.

Wilson’s progressivism, communism, socialism, fascism and nazism all draw on the same intellectual wellsprings, and numerous American leftist writers and other intellectuals were great admirers of Mussolini, Stalin and Hitler in the 1920s and 1930s. In those days, it was readily admitted that President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Administration was engaged in dragging the country toward a socialist model, and in fact Mussolini and Hitler, both of whom considered themselves socialists, were great fans of Roosevelt’s endeavors as paralleling their own.

It was only after the horrors of the Holocaust were revealed that the American Left painted Nazism and fascism as right-wing and tried to disassociate themselves from what they had previously supported.

But the Democratic Party never really split from its socialist brethren, and when Nancy Pelosi and crowd first came into power, there was a minor kerfuffle when it was revealed that the so-called Congressional Progressive Caucus’ web page was hosted on the Democratic Socialists of America website, a fact that is preserved in Internet archives. The chairman of the CPC was none other than Bernie Sanders.

So when Hillary is asked about the difference between a Socialist and a Democrat, and she answers that she is a Progressive Democrat, she’s really just admitting that she too is a Socialist but she doesn’t want you to know it.

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