Clinton Foundation Facing Major Scandal Says Sen. Rand Paul

Has there ever been a presidential candidate facing as many scandals as Hillary Clinton?

She still hasn’t escaped the Benghazi scandal nor has she ever successfully answered all of the questions surrounding what really happened and why she failed to provide the security Ambassador Stevens kept requesting.

I am still convinced that there should be a huge scandal of Hillary’s use of a Muslim with family ties to terrorists as her closest aide and confidant while she served as Secretary of State. Her aide, Huma Abedin had access to many state secrets and could easily have shared them with her mother, a ranking member of the Muslim Sisterhood, the female branch of the Muslim Brotherhood.

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Hillary is also facing a scandal over her involvement with the Clinton Foundation that is under question of accepting millions of dollars of donations from foreign governments. While serving as Secretary of State, the Clinton Foundation accepted $500,000 from Algeria, violating an agreement they had with the White House. One has to question if Hillary used her position as Secretary of State to solicit donations from other countries, which is a crime if proven.

Now Hillary is facing the missing email scandal. The image below brings up a very good comparison and question. Richard Nixon was forced to resign the presidency because of 18 ½ minutes of missing White House tapes and lying to Congress. Hillary has 30,000 missing emails and has repeatedly lied to everyone about nearly everything. Why would anyone trust Hillary or vote for her when her record if far worse than Nixon’s?

hillary nixon

So what new scandal is about to rock her candidacy?

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) says that he knows of something about Hillary’s campaign that the public doesn’t know. At a pro-life speech last week, Paul stated that the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation will soon be the target of a major scandal. Paul stated:

“There’s going to be stuff coming out about the Clinton foundation and their donations from different companies that get special approval by the secretary of state. It’s coming out in the next couple weeks.”

“I think that there are things that went on at the Clinton foundation that are going to shock people. And I think they’re going to make people question whether or not she ought to run for president.”

When asked to reveal what the scandal was about, Paul responded:

“Then it wouldn’t be a secret! It’s coming soon.”

Yet, it seems the American public has been so dumbed down by a liberal and inept public education system and an extremely biased liberal mainstream media that they will still vote for Hillary because she’s a woman, just like they voted for Obama because he’s apparently (although only half) black. Their records and policies don’t matter to an ill-informed public, just the color of their skin and their sex.

We can only hope and pray that whatever secret Sen. Rand Paul is speaking of will be major enough to force Hillary to end her candidacy, if that’s possible.

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