Clinton Foundation Failed to Report Up to $26 Million in Clinton Speaking Fees

Remember a couple of years ago when the Clintons complained they were broke? At time of their pitiful complaint, Bill Clinton was receiving $191,300 a year pension for serving as president. While serving at Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton was making $199,700 a year for a combined base income of $391,000 a year.

How many years would you have to work to earn that much money? Considering that average family income in America is around $52,000 a year, it would take them 7.5 years to earn the base income the Clinton’s were receiving.

That doesn’t include the income they were making from any royalties or other ventures such as the Clinton Family Foundation. You can bet your bottom dollar that they earn well over half a million a year, but remember, they are broke and poor.

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This leads me to ask just how much the Clintons really make from their NON-PROFIT family foundation?

You would think the foundation would keep strict records of how much they paid out to the various Clinton family members, but a new revelation is casting doubt on the accuracy of the Clinton Family Foundation records.

CNN reports:

“The Clinton Foundation confirmed Thursday that it received as much as $26.4 million in previously unreported payments from foreign governments and corporations for speeches given by the Clintons.”

“…since 2002, Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton gave 97 speeches benefiting the foundation, earning anywhere from $10,000 to $1 million dollars in fees.”

“Former President Clinton was the biggest earner for speeches, giving three that brought in anywhere from $500,000 to $1 million.”

“Both he and his wife gave a smattering of speeches to foreign companies and other organizations for anywhere from $250,000 to $500,000. Bill Clinton spoke to Thailand’s Ministry of Energy, China Real Estate Development Group, Ltd, and Qatar First Investment Bank; Hillary Clinton spoke to Goldman Sachs, Citibank and JP Morgan Chase, among others.”

“According to foundation officials, the income — at least $12 million and as much as more than twice that — was not disclosed publicly because it was considered and tallied for tax purposes as revenue, rather than donations.”

“In April, the head of a Canadian charity that donates to the foundation acknowledged that it didn’t disclose any of the 1,100 largely foreign donors that ultimately contributed $2.35 million to the broader organization through the Canadian group.”

I guarantee you that if any Christian, tea party or conservative non-profit did these things that the IRS and law enforcement would be all over them. Additionally, they would most likely lose their non-profit status and those involved would be heading for jail. However, instead of jail, Hillary is likely headed to the White House where she will continue her corrupt and deceitful agenda.

We didn’t know about Barack Obama’s lying deceit and lawlessness until after he was in the White House. When it comes to Hillary Clinton, we have a sizeable list of lies, deceit and lawlessness BEFORE she assumes the presidency. We can only imagine how much worse than Obama Hillary will be if elected. Worse yet is that so many Americans are so stupid and blind that they will still vote for her to lead our nation. And lead it she will to the final stages of self-destruction.



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