Clinton Reaps Millions from Big Business While Campaigning for Small Businesses

True to her nature, Hillary Clinton, is completely clueless and out of touch with most Americans. My post yesterday discussed her hypocrisy of slamming CEOs for making so much money and while she and her randy husband Bill are making millions through speaking events. Then she slammed hedge fund managers for making so much money to hold a fund raiser at the home of one of the nation’s biggest hedge fund managers.

Today, I’m going to reveal more of Hillary’s hypocrisy and hopefully show just how out of touch with reality and the majority of Americans she really is.

On May 5, 2015, Hillary was in Las Vegas, announcing her presidential gamble, stating:

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“I want to be the president for small business, because that’s where most jobs get created, and that’s where I think the real engine of economic recovery and growth comes from.”

Small business is truly the heart and soul of America and middle class Americans. To be the president of small businesses and middle class Americans, you need to understand their way of life and what their needs are. That understanding and relating to you and me is completely lacking in Hillary Clinton.

Meghan Foley explains:

“Together, Bill and Hillary Clinton have made more than $25 million since January of 2014, from about 100 speeches. In addition, Bill earned $104.9 million between January 2001 and January 2013. Hillary’s financial disclosure form filed with the Federal Elections Committee on May 15 shows just how different a world the Clintons inhabit than the average American voter. And if any other proof is needed to show how out of touch the Clintons can be, see Hillary’s ‘dead broke’ comment. ‘The Clintons’ claim that staggering amounts of income from paid speaking fees that raise ethical questions and potential conflicts of interest is simply to ‘pay our bills’ shows how out-of-touch they’ve truly become,’ Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus told Bloomberg, referring to the ‘I gotta pay our bills’ explanation Bill Clinton gave ABC News. But that is not the major issue. More importantly, the report serves as evidence that Hillary Clinton is beholden to special interests.”

How many of us live from paycheck to paycheck and wish we had a tenth of the income that the Clinton’s do? Imagine what the revenue of just one Clinton speech would do for your family or for your small business. It would be enough to pay off all your debts, fix up your house and send your kids to college. The fees from two to four Clinton speeches would allow many my age to be able to retire comfortably. Instead, Hillary and Bill Clinton complain that the millions they are raking in from their speeches are barely enough to pay their bills.

Not only is Hillary beholden to special interest groups as Foley stated, but she is also clearly in bed with big corporate America and not the small businesses that she says she wants to be president of. Foley reveals how big corporate America is lucratively funding the Clinton’s lifestyle, family foundation and presidential campaign:

“Hillary’s financial disclosure shows that companies and organizations including eBay Inc., Deutsche Bank AG, the California Medical Association, and Scrap Recycling Industries all made speech requests to the former secretary of state, who accepted fees of ranging from $100,000 to $500,000. Bill Clinton gave paid speeches that were funded by UBS Group AG, Jefferies Group LLC, Apollo Management Holdings, and other similar groups.”

“To further examine the nuances of Hillary’s close business relationships, here is a look at the American companies who hire the Clintons for speeches. The following list is by no means comprehensive, but it highlights specific examples to better understand how corporate America is involved with political decision-makers.”

  • Corning, an American manufacturer of glass, ceramics, and related materials, has a relationship with Hillary Clinton that dates back to her 2000 election to the Senate. As the New York Times reported in 2006, “Clinton has become one of the company’s leading champions, delivering for it like no other Democratic lawmaker.” Corning, which has boasted of its long-lasting and unwavering support of the Republican party, made a $10,000 donation to her re-election campaign after Clinton pushed legislation providing millions of dollars in federal aid to reduce diesel pollution, a plan that partly relied on Corning technology. During Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State, Corning lobbied the department about a number of issues, including the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and donated between $100,000 to $250,000 to the foundation. In July 2014, Corning funded a $225,000 honorarium for Clinton to speak, and that money went not to a campaign account but to Hillary Clinton personally, as Vox reported.
  • Her speaking gigs earned at least $2.7 million from companies backing the trade promotion authority that President Barack Obama needs to get a “fast track” approval of his trade deal.
  • Both Qualcomm founder Irwin Jacobs and founder Marc Benioff wrote $25,000 checks to the now-defunct “Ready for Hillary” Super PAC. On October, 14, 2014, she spoke to both companies at a charge of $335,000 and $225,000, respectively. A 20-minute speech for an eBay summit aimed at promoting women in the workplace earned her $315,000. And just months later, eBay chief executive John Donahoe and his wife hosted one of Clinton’s first fundraisers for her newly announced presidential campaign, according to the Washington Post. In total, Hillary earned as much as $3.2 million from the tech sector, and now she’s reaching out to the very same hands to fund her presidential campaign.
  • Hillary Clinton was also paid $300,000 to speak at the University of California, Los Angeles and $225,000 to speak at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.
  • Bill Clinton’s own speech-for-cash career has been well documented. Since January of 2014 alone, dozens of organizations including Microsoft, the American Institute of Architects, AT&T, SAP America, Oraclem, and Telefonica have paid him six-figure sums to speak.”

It’s clear that Hillary Clinton has no clue what small business is all about nor does she have any idea of what most middle income Americans deal with on a day to day basis. She has no clue what it means to live our kind of lifestyle. She has no clue what small business is about or the people involved.

Hillary is nothing more than a spoiled rich lady who craves as much absolute power like that being wielded by Barack Obama. She’ll be worse than Obama once she gets that power. It’s up to all of us to spread the truth about Hillary’s hypocrisy to as many people as possible. She has to be stopped or all will be lost.


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