Clinton Takes Responsibility for Benghazi While Obama Just Nods

Hillary Clinton has more guts than our president. That’s a given.

That’s why she is taking the hit for the Libya disaster, accepting responsibility on Monday in an interview with CNN for the lack of security that led to the death of our ambassador and other American personnel.

By doing so, she is hoping to end the scandal that dogs the Obama Administration with only weeks to go before the election, banking on her personal popularity to see her through.

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The reality is, regardless of her actual role in deciding to keep security loose in Benghazi, the State Department did not make up its own policy in the Middle East, but followed the policies of our feckless commander in chief.

Obama, with his affinity for the Muslim world and his desire to look like the guy who’s just so cool that everyone obeys him due to his sheer force of will, never wanted to be seen as having any security worries in a foreign land that he regards as his personal sandbox.

The Arab Spring was supposed to be his personal triumph, the complete reshaping in a few months of a region that has caused headaches for world leaders for centuries. It was Obama’s ego at play and nothing else.

The lack of security in Benghazi was the aftermath of Obama’s “triumph.” Everything had to be all puppies and roses because, hey, Obama had made all those wild-eyed terrorists into Democrats with a wave of his magic personality-changing wand.

The lie could not be sacrificed, which is why the Administration’s various stories about what happened in Libya went from ridiculous to absurd, finally ending with “Nutty Joe” Biden throwing Clinton under the proverbial bus during the vice presidential debate when he said that neither he nor Obama knew anything about more security being requested.

The Administration may be hoping to get Republicans to attack Clinton and gain back some of the women voters Nutty Joe lost for them, but ultimately it’s just about feeding Obama’s narcissism.

This is not the end of the scandal, though the media may continue trying to make it go away. Clinton may have taken the blame for her boss, falling on her sword like a good Roman, but the truth won’t go away.

There is blood on Obama’s hands because he wanted to look good to Muslims, and he was willing to sacrifice Americans to do it.

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