Clueless Congressional Candidate: Conceal And Carry Failed To Prevent Aurora Shooting

Robin Kelly is a candidate running for Jesse Jackson, Jr.’s congressional seat, which represents the south side of Chicago. She’s been endorsed by President Obama and has received about $2 million in campaign contributions from Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Independence USA PAC.

She’s been campaigning on completely banning guns. During her campaign, she complained that the Supreme Court ruled that Illinois could not legally ban concealed carry laws. In response, she said she hoped Illinois would have the “weakest conceal and carry” in the country.

I guess this is why she gets such ardent support from the President and the Nanny Mayor.

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She thinks that the concealed carry laws around the country have been a complete failure in cutting down on crime. As an example, she cited the Aurora, Colorado theater shooting. She stated, “In the movie [theater], they have conceal and carry, but nobody pulled out their guns to kill the gentleman that did all the damage that he did.”

Does she seriously not know that the theater that Holmes chose as his venue for mass murder was a gun-free zone? No one was allowed to carry and conceal a firearm. In fact, it was the only gun-free theater within 20 minutes of Holmes’ apartment. He chose it for a reason. He was safer in a gun-free zone. He was more likely to murder more people in a gun-free zone than if he were in a place that allowed concealed carry. From his perspective, he made the right choice.

The fact that the theater murder was committed in a gun-free zone was a major talking point of the pro-2nd Amendment crowd ever since Holmes shot up the theater nearly a year ago. The same point was made with the Newtown murders. How could she not pick up on it? Is she really that clueless and out of touch with reality? I guess that’s why so many think she’s qualified to run for Congress.

The media are having a heyday with Kelly’s GOP opponent Paul McKinley. He’s apparently done his share of prison time for armed robberies, burglaries and aggravated battery. As the Chicago Tribune put it, Republican voters in Chicago are suggesting that Illinois’ 2nd Congressional district replace one felon with another. But now, he’s a changed man. And he’s a strong supporter of people’s 2nd Amendment liberties.

I think I’d rather have a repentant ex-con who supports people’s duty and responsibility to defend themselves and their families than a clueless gun-grabber with no criminal record.

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