CNN Debate Moderator Extremely Biased

Thursday night CNN hosted the final debate between the Republican presidential candidates prior to today’s South Carolina primary. The debate was moderated by CNN’s John King.

Throughout the debate, King’s biases shown as brightly as the spotlights blinding the candidates.

To begin with, the seating for each candidate’s staff, volunteers and supporters was arranged in what would normally be considered a reverse order. If Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich looked straight ahead they would be looking at the staff, volunteers and supporters of Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum and vice versa.

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Then King went after Gingrich, asking him about his first wife and the accusations she has leveled against him. Fortunately, Gingrich was on his game and fired a salvo back at King, clearly letting him know that he was not going to allow the moderator to undermine his character.

When King brought up the subject of the candidate’s pro-life statuses, the debate seemed to center on Romney, Santorum and Gingrich. Before allowing Ron Paul to respond, King completely snubbed him and tried to move the debate to another topic. However, the Paul supporters in the audience loudly jeered King’s obvious snub and he then allowed Paul to respond.

King’s actions and biases were obvious.

He purposefully went after Newt Gingrich with the intent of destroying his personal character. He purposefully ignored Ron Paul which could have been done because he felt Paul was not a viable candidate or perhaps because Paul was such a strong candidate that he didn’t want to give him any opportunity to gain any more support.

The role of the moderator in a debate to just that: to moderate. They are supposed to be as impartial as possible and not allow their personal views to influence their actions and how they moderate.

John King ran the event more like an interview than a debate. He clearly was not professional in his actions or manners and should never be allowed to moderate a political debate again.

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