CNN Wants Americans To Accept US Government As Terrorist Sponsor

It is time to push harder on Syria. Or rather it is time to push harder on Americans to casually accept that our government, while claiming to be at “war” with “terror” is actually sponsoring those same terrorist groups. And CNN is at the frontline of the propaganda war.

The recent lying headline is, “U.S. weighing nonlethal aid to Syrian opposition.” The video feature actually pretends that NATO and the US don’t want to give arms. This is all a tangle of lies.

“The Obama administration is moving toward increasing aid to the Syrian opposition, including providing nonlethal military equipment and possibly strategic military training, sources told CNN Tuesday…  The sources said the United States is not considering providing weapons. The administration is also moving toward giving humanitarian aid directly to the Syrian Opposition Coalition, the official said, adding that this was already happening in limited amounts… The United States is also looking to remove restrictions on ‘dual-use’ equipment, such as those involving communications, body armor, flak jackets, night-vision equipment and military vehicles, according to another source familiar with the policy discussions.”

First of all, the saying is true: “An Army marches on its stomach.” When we send food to armed groups we are supporting an armed force and its objective. So, even at a minimum, we are already sponsoring terrorists in Syria—Sunni Islamists of the same stripe as, or even actually a part of, the same terrorist networks we call Al Qaeda. The news about this is so constant and varied, I don’t know of any one link that will do it justice. Here’s Red State on Al Qaeda in Iraq as a major player in the Syrian strife. Just search Google news for more.

Furthermore, Saudi Arabia and virtually all the Sunni nations are allies of the US, EU, and NATO. Their sending of weapons to the terrorists trying to take over Syria is the same as us doing it. Our government sends these people aid precisely so they will cooperate with us (and give us some plausible deniability).

But it isn’t just other countries arming the militants with our permission and encouragement, at our bidding, or even with our own funds. The CIA has been on the ground helping funnel weapons through the Muslim Brotherhood to the rebels. Even when this is admitted the mainstream media keeps up the pretense that they are there to “prevent Al Qaeda from getting their hands on the weapons.” And yet the Al Qaeda forces only grow. Such claims are not credible. The media is reporting lies.

The only question is whether we are going to give more aid in the open or keep much of it secret (and perhaps this means we can’t get the aid to the terrorists as fast as some would like). Pretending we are “weighing” anything is just a game for public consumption to get us acclimated to being loyal to a government that sponsors terrorists. They even admit they are already doing the things they are considering doing, though of course “in limited amounts.” Yes we’ve been sponsoring limited amounts of attacks on Christian churches and limited amounts of tortures and rapes.

Bear in mind, CNN is cover for almost certainly at least one CIA asset. There is no reason to trust the network.

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