College Admins Rejects Student Because They Found He Followed Alex Jones on Twitter

According to an account at College Fix, a major American college rejected a student’s application merely because administrators found the student was following Alex Jones on Twitter. This is how far the left is will to go to eliminate conservatives — or even anyone they suspect of being conservative — from public life.

The account comes from Bradley Shear, an attorney who is working to get Congress to pass a federal law that would prohibit schools from using social media as a reason to ban Americans from an education.

Shear says that he has embarked on the mission to get the legislation passed because his client — whom he won’t name publicly — was told by a college administrator that he would not be allowed to attend the school because they saw that he followed controversial Internet personality Alex Jones on Twitter.

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Even worse, the teenager never re-tweeted Jones’ content, nor did the student interact with Jones or otherwise pass on what might be called conspiracy theories. The kid had just followed Jones.

So now, merely hitting a “follow” button on Twitter is enough for the left-wing mis-educational establishment to ban you from a higher education!

Interestingly, Shear says his client had also followed socialist Senator Bernie Sanders, too. But the school didn’t care about that. They only wanted to be sure and punish anyone who might dare to follow someone who might be considered conservative.

Shear says that using social media as a means to exclude Americans from opportunities should be illegal:

Shear helped draft a privacy bill that became law in Maryland in 2012.

It prohibits employers from even asking employees or applicants to disclose their login credentials for a “personal account or service,” or threatening them with discipline for refusing to hand over their passwords.

Shear takes credit for similar laws “in at least 16 states” that ban college admissions officials from getting access to applicants’ social media accounts, the lawyer told The College Fix in an email. “I have been dealing with these types of issues/similar situations for years and advise college applicants/students on these/similar matters regularly.”

But he couldn’t get Congress to federalize this effort to mark digital trails off-limits to employers and colleges. He helped Democratic Rep. Eliot Engel draft the Social Networking Online Protection Act, but it never even got a subcommittee vote.

“This isn’t a Republican or Democratic issue; but an issue regarding the future of our country,” Shear told The Fix.

This may be the best fix. If liberals are going to use social media as a means to destroy conservatives and to prevent Americans from even being “allowed” to participate in society, maybe we need to discuss a law to protect us.

In the meantime, Shear warned students to dump social media while they work to get accepted at a university, If schools are going to use social media as a way to exclude people, he said kids would be smart to delete all social media.

It is probably the smart move. After all, who can’t say they might have said something stupid, off color, or easy to misunderstand on social media?

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