College Students Show They’ve Learned to Embrace Racism, Socialism

Thursday was the day that college students across the nation chose to demonstrate what they’ve learned on their parents’ dime.

Unfortunately, what was demonstrated mostly was racism and socialism coupled with an alarming lack of self-awareness or common sense.

The wave of student protests seems to be inspired at least in part by the recent outbursts at the University of Missouri, where black student protesters and their allies have marched against the lack of “safe spaces” for non-white students.

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The protests there have cited a mix of fantasy and fear as their motivation — from wild tales about poop swastikas and secret KKK chapters to anonymous online threats.

So far, the chaos has claimed at least three careers — that of the university president, an overzealous First Amendment-hating communications professor and another professor who resigned in apparent disgust after being called racist for not rescheduling a test.


At Claremont McKenna College in California, where protests got the dean of students to resign Thursday, a crowd of students in a racial “safe space” booed and jeered a young Asian woman who described harassment by a black man and said “blacks can be racist too.”


She described an incident when she was with friends and a threatening black man stopped his car and began yelling that they should “go home.”

“The point I’m making here,” she said, “is that we should not distinguish people by their race or gender or anything. Black people can be racist. … I just mean we have to look at people individually.”

Representatives of the “safe space” crowd responded by snatching the microphone and shutting her down. According to the MediaIte blog, someone yelled out, “How is this relevant to the college failing to provide a space for people of color?”

It’s relevant as a lesson about how quickly the “safe space” turns into a race-based tyranny. But hey, maybe that’s just me and my skewed Cracker-American point of view.

Imagine a young lady proposing that people be judged by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin. Shameful.

Meanwhile at the University of California San Diego, a pre-lunch crowd of students marched through the campus center shouting for free tuition. The rabble rousers led the crowd in various chants aimed at the UC regents and the high cost of tuition.

“We see students, UC profits!” was one chant. “If you want to educate, stop raising our tuition rate!” was another.

At any rate, the students carried signs calling for free tuition and urging President Obama to extend his proposal for free community college to the nation’s universities.

Being California, perhaps the students honestly think their parents would like to pay 80 percent or more of their income to the government to get “free” tuition. It’s clear that economic literacy is not a requirement of most majors at UC.


The current round of protests could almost be funny if not for the sad displays of ignorance and disdain for the truth among the demonstrators.

It’s also worth noting that the interim president at Mizzou, according to Breitbart, worked with the student protesters to make a race relations video and organize their campaign that led to President Tim Wolfe resigning. Suddenly, the events at Mizzou look less like student activism and more like a successful coup.

This all could be a teachable moment, with the adults at universities hit by protests standing up and staring down this socialist-driven outburst.

But history suggests that won’t happen, so as we move forward in this presidential election cycle, expect a lot more noise from young people with more energy than brains.

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