Colleges Push Transgender Pronouns

You’ve heard of the royal “we,” of course. That’s when someone of royal blood, such as the queen of England or an editor at the Wall Street Journal, refers to himself in the plural.

In colleges across the country there apparently is a growing trend among — who else? — the “LGBT community” wherein students refer to themselves in the plural or use alternative, foreign or made-up pronouns such as “ze,” “sie,” “e” or “ou” rather than the old standbys he and she.

Apparently not content with their own sexual confusion, gender benders are trying to confuse everyone else as well.

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We are not amused.

Forms at the UC Berkeley health center apparently ask students if they are male, female or “other.” The University of Vermont has implemented he, she or “ze.”

An article at Breitbart cites a student at the all-female Mills College in Oregon, Skylar Crownover, a she who identifies as a he but wants to be referred to as “they.”

Another one who wants to be plural is Mel Goodwin, youth program director at the gay and lesbian community center in Las Vegas. He said, “This is not about young people in the U.S. over the last 20 years kind of coming out of the woodwork and making up labels that aren’t real. This is a real variation among humans, period.”

Among crazy humans, perhaps.

There seems to be a definite preference for “they,” rather than the maligned “it,” which at least would make sense for someone who can’t tell the difference between boy or girl.

In addition to the plural, I think the pronoun benders should try mixing persons to really shake things up, such as using “you” in the first-person sense.

Think about it, using “you” in the first person would allow you to impart your thoughts and actions to someone else and never take the blame for anything. President Obama should try this.

Imagine the fun ordering food at a restaurant. “You would like the liver-wrapped lingonberries with jalapeno linguine.” “No I wouldn’t.” “Yes you would.” “No I wouldn’t.” “Don’t tell yourself what you would or would not like.”

It brings a whole new dimension to “Who’s on First,” the classic Abbott and Costello routine about baseball players with confusing names like Who, What, I Don’t Know and Naturally.

On second thought, it could backfire on Obama, since he already blames everyone else for what he does. If he were to adopt the alternate pronoun concept, the first time he tried to attack the GOP he might actually come out with a sentence like “I am blocking any progress in Congress.”

Yeah. Bad idea. By trying to further confuse things, Obama might accidentally end up telling the truth.

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