Colorado ACLU Dismayed Some Illegals have to Wait to get Driver’s License

Do you believe that illegal aliens are deserving of the same rights and privileges that American citizens have? I DON’T! They are here illegally. They broke the law by crossing the border without going through proper procedures. In my book, the only privilege or right they have is the right to be shipped back to their country and nothing more.

Why should illegals get free healthcare when American’s don’t? Why should illegals get free education when we taxpayers are the ones paying for it? Why should illegals have the right to get a valid driver’s license which opens many doors to them other than driving? In many states, a valid driver’s license is all that’s needed to register to vote. All they have to do is lie about not being a citizen and poof; they’re illegally registered to vote. That’s why some states like Arizona have passed laws preventing illegals from obtaining a valid state driver’s license.

But Colorado isn’t like Arizona as they are currently controlled by a liberal Democratic governor and legislature. They are more than willing to grant state driver’s licenses to illegals, after all, that could give Democrats thousands more votes, even if they are illegal.

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On July 1, the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles started accepting online applications for appointments from foreign nationals, which includes illegals, for valid state driver’s licenses. I suspect the people who built their site may have been the same people who built the Obamacare website because it didn’t take long for the system to crash. Once the site went live, they started receiving up to 107,500 page views per hour, which was more than the site could handle.

Wading through the appointment applications they have received so far, the Colorado DMV says they expect to handle about 9,551 driver’s license appointments by the end of September and this isn’t enough to satisfy the ACLU of Colorado. Denise Maes, Public Policy Director commented:

“We are disappointed the department will only give licenses to those who are here unlawfully at five offices and by appointment only. They can only take appointments 90 days in advance and all of those are booked.”

They shouldn’t be allowed to get driver’s licenses to begin with. They are illegals! What part of ILLEGAL don’t people understand?

How many taxpayer dollars are being spent to build websites and process driver’s licenses for illegals? How many jobs are they taking away from American citizens? Yes, I’ve heard the liberal rhetoric that illegals only take jobs that Americans won’t take, but if that’s the case, then why did Alabama’s state unemployment rate drop 1.1% in just two months after enacting their strict anti-illegal immigration laws?

Do these bleeding heart liberals understand that most illegals don’t pay taxes and that they send a lot of their money back to family in their home countries? They bleed local and state welfare and housing programs dry while not adding a dime to pay for it. Even if the same employers paid American’s under the table for their labors, that money would stay here in the US, not being sent down south across the border.

Illegals should be denied valid driver’s licenses, free medical care, free education, welfare, housing allowances, and so on. They should be deported as fast as they are captured and the United States needs to bill their countries of origin for all expenses incurred by federal, state and local law enforcement agencies involved and I don’t care about any treaties from 1790 on the subject.

Don’t forget that Mexico is still holding a US Marine reservist in their jails for making a wrong turn just south of San Diego. Our deportation is still better treatment than they give Americans.

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