Colorado Counties Hit 20% ‘Not Employed Rate’ Yet Obama Ahead in Polls

I can’t believe how blind or gullible or just plain stupid some people can be.

Reports coming out of Colorado, one of a number of swing states, are listing the ‘Not Employed Rate’ in seven counties to be at or near 20%.  Considering that Colorado only has 64 counties, that means that 11% of them have a ‘Not Employed Rate’ that is more than double the national average unemployment rate of 8.1%.

Like all states, the Colorado Labor Department is required by federal law (Consolidated Farm and Rural Development Act) to verify any county where the ‘Not Employed Rate’ exceeds 19.5%.  The DFRD Act defines ‘Not Employed Rate’ as:

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“The percentage of individuals over the age of 18 who reside within the community and who are ready, willing and able to be employed but are unable to find employment as determined by the State Department of Labor.”

This differs from the government’s official unemployment rate that does not take into account anyone out of work and given up on trying to find work.  The Not Employed Rate is considered to be a far more accurate rate than the official unemployment rate.

The list of Colorado counties are:

  1. Archuleta – Unemployment 19.97%; pop. 12,013 (36th largest)
  2. Costilla – Unemployment 23.56%; pop. 3,662 (56th largest)
  3. Dolores – Unemployment 19.85%; pop. 2,056 (58th largest)
  4. Fremont – Unemployment 19.66%; pop. 47,347 (16th largest)
  5. Huerfano – Unemployment 21.78%; pop. 6,520 (45th largest)
  6. Montrose – Unemployment 20.62%; pop. 41,011 (17th largest)
  7. Pueblo – Unemployment 20.09%; pop. 160,545 (10th largest)

Over the past four months, the overall state unemployment rate in Colorado has been going up.  Last month, Colorado’s unemployment rate rose to 8.2% last month which was the first time in the past seven years that Colorado’s rate has risen higher than the national average.

But what I don’t understand is that with all of these negative figures coming out, why are the people of Colorado still favoring Obama over Romney?

Obama’s latest approval ratings in Colorado showed that 52% disapproval and only 40% approval ratings.  Out of seven different polls, Obama leads in six of them and the one Romney leads in, his margin over Obama is only a 2%.

Are the people just not paying attention to what is happening to their economy and job market?  Or are they just buying all of the lies Obama keeps telling in all of his campaign ads?  Or are the people of Colorado and other swing states that stupid or just don’t care anymore?  When will these people wake up and smell the socialism that is permeating the nation under Obama.  Perhaps if the manure Obama has been spreading actually smelled like manure instead of some sugar coated lie, then people would realize how much he really stinks and do something to change the nation’s foul aroma.


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