Colorado County Sheriffs Join Force to Challenge Legality of State’s New Anti-Gun Laws

In the last month, Colorado has passed some of the strictest anti-gun and anti-Second Amendment laws in the nation.  They come close to equaling those of New York and Connecticut.

The passage of these unconstitutional laws has prompted several firearms related businesses to pack up and head for more gun friendly states.  The Outdoor Channel has pulled the plug on 4 shows that were currently being produced in Colorado and will either re-locate them to another state or cancel them altogether.  They are also advocating a recreational boycott of the entire state.

Now, 37 of the 62 county sheriffs in Colorado are joining forces to file a legal challenge to the myriad anti-gun laws passed by the state legislature and signed into law by the state’s liberal Democrat governor.  They contend that the new laws that set limits on magazine capacity and requiring background checks for all gun sales or transfers, including private ones, violate the Second Amendment.

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A number of the sheriffs, including some that are not participating in the lawsuit, say that the new laws will do nothing to prevent another Aurora, Columbine, Virginia Tech or Sandy Hook shooting from taking place.  Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith told Martha MacCallum of Fox News that the laws only hinder law abiding citizens and are ineffectual in preventing more violence.

Just a comment on the video – notice what MacCallum does to prevent Smith from giving sound answers to her questions and arguments.  She continually cuts him off and continues to challenge him without listening to him.  That happened to me once and I finally told the person that if they were going to ask me questions that they had better let me answer them or this conversation was over.  The next time he cut me off, I turned and walked away.  If I were Sheriff Smith, I would have done the same thing with MacCallum by telling her let me answer or I’m ending this conversation.

People with an agenda don’t want to hear any other opinion besides their own.  They don’t want anyone else to hear your opinions either and will be as rude as possible to prevent it from happening.


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