Colorado Governor Says Parents Not Capable of Educating Their Kids

Are there any Democratic politicians that favor homeschooling? If there are, they are few and far between and I know why. The Democratic Party should rightfully be renamed the Democratic Socialist Party as they strive to endorse many socialist programs and agendas.

One of the primary socialist agendas is to require all kids to attend government run schools so they can be properly indoctrinated in the socialist way of thinking. They are against private, charter and homeschooling as that prevents kids from being properly trained to grow up as good loyal comrades.

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper is a prime example of the socialist influence upon the Democratic Party. He’s worked hard of the past few years to pass restrictive gun control laws. His actions have driven several firearms related companies to relocate in other states and the cancellation of several programs on the Outdoor Channel. Hickenlooper is a devout Obamanite who believes that no private person should be allowed to own a firearm and if they do, the government must know about it and place all kinds of strict regulations to govern how you can own, store and sell your firearm.

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Likewise, Hickenlooper pushed for a number of green energy laws to be passed in Colorado that will cost a number of jobs and drive up prices of conventional energy. He also supported the legalization of recreational marijuana in hopes that it would generate millions in tax revenue.

Now his socialist nature has seeped into a recent address he gave at a luncheon where he told the audience:

“Government should do what people individually can’t do, or can’t do well themselves. You know, educating our young people, making sure our roads are designed and built properly, making sure our communities are safe.”

Many in the homeschool camp are taking Hickenlooper’s comment as a direct assault on homeschooling. They heard him saying that parents are not capable of educating their kids and that it’s the job of the government.

Mike Donnelly, a staff attorney with the Homeschool Legal Defense Association commented about Hickenlooper’s statement, saying:

“There are tens of thousands of children in Colorado whose parents educate them quite well at home. Colorado law recognizes that parents have the primary responsibility to educate their children, and that home education is legitimate and appropriate.”

Michael F. Haverluck with pointed out:

“In the largest nationwide study on homeschooling to date, The Scholastic Achievement and Demographic Characteristic of Home School Students revealed that homeschoolers score an average of 32 percentage points higher than their publicly schooled peers in all age ranges across the subjects in the curriculum. Other research indicates that homeschoolers graduate from college at a rate that is nearly 10 percent higher than students who are traditionally educated at school (66.7 percent to 57.5 percent), according to USA Today.”

Colorado State Senator Kevin Lundberg (R-Lamar Co.) is a homeschool parent who is demanding that Hickenlooper issue an official apology for his statement, stating:

“Governor Hickenlooper owes Colorado parents who educate their children at home a big apology. To say that individuals cannot do well in educating children is either a direct slap in the face of those parents who have done an extraordinary job of teaching their children, or it is an incredible show of ignorance.”

Donnelly added to Lundberg’s demand for an apology, saying:

“HSLDA is calling on the governor to retract his remarks and issue an apology to the tens of thousands of parents who save the state millions of dollars and responsibly and competently educate their own children at home.”

State Senator Owen Hill (R-Colorado Springs) will be taking over as the chairman of the Colorado Senate Education Committee was also disappointed in Hickenlooper’s statement and commented:

“I hope to be able to work with the governor’s office in the upcoming legislative session, but hopefully we can find consensus that in order to improve the educational landscape in Colorado, we must embrace the idea that individuals are fully capable of not only educating young people well, but creating solutions to educational needs that don’t always fit just under the one-size-fits-all banner of government.”

Hickenlooper’s office claims that the governor’s statement was misunderstood and that he was talking about the priorities in the state budget and that it was taken out of context. However critics are pointing out that his comment was made in a prepared speech and that it was intentionally crafted to say exactly what they heard.

I contend that Hickenlooper meant what he said at the luncheon because this is consistent with the anti-homeschooling agenda of the Democratic Party. He is merely repeating some of the rhetoric that Party leaders have instructed them to use in their quest to end all alternative forms of education except for the state run socialist institutions known as public schools.

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