Colorado House Passes Sweeping Gun Control Measures

A couple days ago, it was reported that Democrats in the Colorado legislature were driving gun manufacturers out of the state because of gun and ammo restrictions that they were considering. And when those companies leave, it will leave hundreds of Coloradoans out of a job, and the state’s economy would be weaker.

Well, now they’ve gone and done it. It’s not law yet, as the proposals still have to be considered by the state senate. But the Democrat-controlled Colorado House just passed 4 gun control measures on Monday that addressed ammunition, background checks and guns in universities:

 “The proposed ammunition restrictions limit magazines to 15 rounds for firearms, and eight for shotguns. Three Democrats joined all Republicans voting no on the bill, but the proposal passed 34-31… The House also approved a bill requiring background checks on all gun purchases, including those between private sellers and firearms bought online. Other proposals would ban concealed firearms at colleges and stadiums, and another requires that gun purchasers pay for their own background checks. Democrats eked out the closest vote on the background check measure, which passed on a 33-32 vote.”

 If these measures become law, then criminals will be able to add Colorado colleges and stadiums to their list of “gun-free zones.” It would outlaw magazines with more than a 15-round capacity, but the mass murderers will still have access to 30-round or 100-round magazines. Or, he could be more law-abiding and own multiple 15-round magazines and switch them out when he had to. That would just be a minor inconvenience. So, once again, the law won’t prevent mass murders, but will only give criminals bent on mass murder the advantage.

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There’s another bill being proposed in Washington state that will outlaw semi-automatic “assault rifles” with detachable magazines and magazines with more than a 10-round capacity. That way no one could switch out magazines. At least in theory. Criminals won’t care about that law, especially since so many mass murderers end up committing suicide. They feel as though they have nothing to lose, so why worry about some gun restriction.

This Washington bill will likely not pass because there is a provision in it that the bill’s sponsor and co-sponsors didn’t know about. They didn’t read the bill before they even sponsored it? No surprise there. That’s not really part of their job description. They don’t work for their constituents. They work for lobbyists.

The provision states that those who already own these “assault rifles” will have to be subjected to an annual inspection of their home by law enforcement officers. Even a liberal writer at the Seattle Times admits that that provision hurts the gun control cause and will likely cause the bill’s demise. Hopefully, that will happen, but let’s not hold our breath.

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