Colorado’s Post Aurora Gun Laws Failed in Colorado Springs Shootings

I just posted about Barack Obama wanting to enact stricter gun control laws that would turn all of America into a killing zone just like Chicago and Baltimore. Many of the areas within our nation that have the highest incidents of gun violence are those with the toughest gun laws.

Let’s add Colorado to that list.

After the 2012 mass shooting at the theater in Aurora, Gov. John Hickenlooper, a true Obamanite Democrat, pushed a number of anti-gun laws through the state legislature and signed then into law. The new laws called for more extensive universal background checks along with restrictions of certain types of guns and magazines.

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The Colorado anti-gun laws resulted in the recall and removal of two of the state’s top Democratic politicians. It also drove several gun and gun parts manufacturers out of the state, taking valuable jobs with them. The Outdoor Channel cancelled 4 of their popular programs that were filmed in Colorado.

All this was done because Hickenlooper declared it would make his state much safer from similar shootings in the future. The future is now and we can see just how effective their anti-gun legislation has been.

On October 31, 2015, Noah Harpham shot and killed four people in Colorado Springs. Last week, Robert Dear shot and killed 3 people and wounded 9 others in Colorado Springs.

In 2012, the year of the Aurora shootings, there were 15,951 violent crimes reported in the state, resulting in 152 murders. In 2013, the year Hickenlooper signed all of the anti-gun bills into law, there were 16,099 violent crimes reported resulting in 174 murders. In 2014, there were 16,554 violent crimes reported that resulted in 151 murders. During those same years, rapes, robberies and assaulted also remained fairly constant, indicating that the strict anti-gun laws have done little to nothing to prevent violent crimes and murders from happening.

So what have we learned from Colorado? Strict anti-gun laws don’t curb violent crimes, murders, rapes, assaults or mass shootings, just like in Chicago, Baltimore and even Australia. The only thing strict guns laws accomplish is to take away the Second Amendment right to own and bear a firearm, leaving lawful citizens more vulnerable to violent crimes.

I believe that every politician that advocates for stricter gun laws are traitors to the US Constitution and need to be voted out of office as soon as possible and replace them with men and women who honor the US Constitution as it was originally written with the original intent of our Founding Fathers. Nothing else is satisfactory!

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