Comcast Champions Gun Violence But Bans Gun Advertisers

Gun control proponents have been lauding Comcast’s decision to pull advertisements from gun and ammo manufacturers, because it shows that Comcast is brave enough not to let money get in the way of their principled, anti-gun stand. No matter how much gun manufacturers were willing to pay, Comcast wasn’t going to compromise their position. The same couldn’t be said of Senate Democrats who some have remarked were simply too afraid of the NRA to vote for an assault weapons ban. But not Comcast. They’re set apart from all the rest for their principled stand against gun violence. (sarcasm)

Their move to ban gun advertisements wasn’t really all that principled considering how many shows they broadcast that revolve around violence, namely of the gun variety, the kind that Comcast and the rest of the gun-grabbing lobby claim they’re against.

Law and Order, CSI, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead and a whole host of others just wouldn’t be the same without gun violence. That’s because violence, like sex, sells. Shoot ‘em up, blow ‘em up. That’s how they get people to watch, and when lots of people watch, ratings go up, and networks can charge more for advertisements.

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Except advertisements having to do with firearms. Seriously, they’re banning 30-second ads from gun-makers and gun shops, but they’ll air hours and hours of shows that prominently feature gun violence. In one instance, the gun commercials might show images of guns or ammo, and maybe a gun is in someone’s hand, maybe even being shot at a target by a person.

In the other instance, bloody murders are depicted, even murders with scary assault weapons. And Comcast and other providers want to keep the hours and hours of bloody assault weapon violence, but they’re going to take a “principled” stand against advertising for gun makers. After all, we live in a post-Sandy Hook world, and those evil gun-makers are to blame for the deaths of 20 children.

After all the violent TV shows and movies, who needs to see any gun advertisements.

So if Comcast wants to do more than just a symbolic gesture to “do their part” to curb gun violence, they should apply the same rhetoric in their advertising policies to the shows they agree to broadcast. “But then they’d go out of business.” Oh, so it is all about money. Of course it is.

Just look at what New York Governor Andrew Cuomo agreed to recently. The New York “SAFE” Act may have banned assault weapons and set the magazine threshold at 7 rounds, but if you’re a Hollywood producer, those laws don’t apply. Cuomo wouldn’t want to skip out on all the money ($7 billion) that Hollywood contributes to New York’s economy. And New York wants them to keep coming back, so they offer Hollywood producers big tax breaks.

Sure, they’re all against gun violence, but as long as the money’s right, they’re perfectly fine with it.

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