Comedian Tim Allen Sides With Trump, Urges Country to Just Let Trump Do His Job

Actor and comedian Tim Allen is defending President Donald Trump and his presidency and urging Americans to just relax and let Trump do his job.

Allen engaged in a long interview with Entertainment Weekly published on Sept. 13 where Allen talked of Trump’s presidency. Allen also lamented that too many Americans refuse to let others live their lives as they want to live them.

Allen was asked what he thinks of people who might be “on the fence” about watching the next season of his hit sitcom, Las Man Standing. In reply, Allen said, “who cares what I think?”

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In other words, watch it if you want, don’t watch it if you don’t. That message fits in nicely with Allen’s feeling that Americans should have the freedom to do what they want without the scolds on the left telling them what to do.

Describing himself as “kind of an anarchist,” Allen went on to explain what he thinks the role of government should be.

“I’m for responsible government that actually does what we pay them to do,” Allen explained. “I’ve worked different jobs and I’ve had a colorful past and I pay a lot in taxes. I wish we got more for our money. Whatever political party is for more responsible use of our money — that’s all I meant.”

“In Los Angeles, I’m concerned about the 26,000 homeless people and I do the best I can. I’m concerned about keeping my roads and stuff clean in North Hollywood,” Allen said. “Generally, the government is no help and people have to do that themselves. [Ohio Goc. John] Kasich said that in a speech — that the government can’t do stuff that you won’t do yourself. Jump in! Do whatever it takes to get people engaged — not putting on a hoodie and screaming in the streets — but actually figure out how to help North Hollywood or Encino or wherever you live to get better.”

Allen also groused about paying taxes saying that it is “like paying people who never seem to do what I would do with my money.”

As to his stance on Donald Trump, Allen noted that the “man who tweets” does not seem like the same guy he had met in the past. But Allen noted that actual accomplishments are far more important than words.

Allen said he is more interested in Trump’s policies: “Let’s stop banging on the pilot’s door and trying to pull the guy out of his seat while he’s still flying. You might not like how he’s flying the plane but let’s let him land it,” he said.

The sitcom star also said he isn’t sure if he “likes” Trump as a person. But noted that there is a lot of “slight of hand” going on. “Somebody got this NAFTA thing done. How did that happen? It’s like a slight of hand with this dude. There’s this smoke and smelly food but over here he just fixed a pothole,” he joked.

Still, Allen admitted that Trump does not do political theater in an “attractive” manner.

“[Trump] doesn’t do it very attractively, but you don’t even realize the economy is doing better, Allen said. “Maybe it took this type of guy to get stuff done because it was so stuck in the mud. I’m just watching the theater of it and trying to keep my personal opinions out of it. What difference does it make whether I like him?”

After being cancelled by ABC, Allen’s hit sitcom, Last Man Standing, debuts on Fox on Sept. 28.

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