Here Comes the Sun — AFL-CIO Condemns Obamacare

Wow, that took a while, but it has finally begun to dawn on the benighted brains at the AFL-CIO that the Affordable Care Act is nothing of the sort.

In fact, they’ve realized that it’s going to totally screw over American workers and the economy.

In fact, at least the members of the Nevada branch have realized that Obamacare is so bad that they UNANIMOUSLY voted to condemn it, saying in their resolution, “The unintended consequences of the ACA will lead to the destruction of the 40 hour work week, higher taxes and force union members onto more costly plans.”

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The resolution was passed mere hours after an address to members by Sen. Harry Reid, who in the past has accused union members of exaggerating the problems with Obamacare and even told one union leader to “just calm down and stop frightening people.”

Nevada AFL-CIO chief Danny Thompson told the Las Vegas Sun, “We were told that if you liked the health insurance you had, then it would be left alone. Well, it hasn’t been left alone.”

As you sow, so shall you reap, guys.

The union membership, like so many liberals, followed along blindly and ignored all the warning signs during the fight over Obamacare. You can’t engage in backroom deals with corrupt legislators who passed a bill that affects you and millions of other people but that nobody had yet seen at the time — while exempting themselves from it, no less — and expect that you’re going to walk away smiling.

Businesses across the country are firing people or cutting back hours to avoid the new costs of Obamacare. UPS recently announced that it will drop 15,000 spouses from employees’ health policies.

Gallup is predicting a more than 1 percent one-month increase in unemployment. The smart money says that’s because of all the people being laid off ahead of Obamacare’s October arrival.

Decades from now, when people have woken up and are once again enjoying their affordable free-market health care, they’ll look back at the saga of Obamacare and ask one question: How colossally stupid were liberals?

We conservatives told you very loudly and clearly that Obamacare was just a big, runaway freight train, so don’t stand on the tracks. You’ve got no complaint coming now that it’s running you over.

Unfortunately, Obamacare”s running over the rest of us, too.

Still, on the plus side, the shocked look on liberals’ faces makes the pain almost bearable.

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