Comey a Revenge Driven Thug who Should have Never been Director of the FBI

If we weren’t sure before, we now know for certain…

Former FBI Director James Comey is a corrupt, revenge-driven thug and he should have never been the Director of the FBI.

How do we know? It’s all thanks to his new fairy tale of a book, which has little new to report but is heavy on self-praise and hubris.

Noted Hillary Clinton enabler, colluder, and fangirl, Maggie Haberman wasn’t impressed with what Comey had to say in his new book.

Haberman was a guest on ABC’s This Week where she told host George Stephanopoulos, “He wasn’t in a terrible mood by the time Friday rolled around, by the time we were starting to hear about what Comey had said to you. Because from their perspective, this was not as bad as they thought it was going to be. I have obviously not read the book. Does not seem like there is a ton of news in it based on what I’ve seen. Your interview, frankly, seems like it’s news-ier.”

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On Fox News, liberal law professor Alan Dershowitz agreed with Haberman’s take and even took things a step further when he argued that this book was proof that Comey should have never been director of the FBI.

“This is a man who is revenge-driven, who is prepared to leak through a law professor at Columbia, who is prepared to disclose confidential conversations he had with the president-elect and the president of the United States. He is exactly the wrong person to have headed one of the most important law enforcement agencies in the United States. This sends a horrible message to FBI agents and law enforcement people about leaking and about confidences and trying to keep emotion out of law enforcement and politics out of law enforcement.”

For him to start speculating on that kind of nonsense and rubbish and not to disclose when he spoke to the president, as you said, that this information was paid for by a political opponent,” Dershowitz said about the way Comey handled how he disclosed the ‘Trump dossier’ to the president.

“I used to have a good feeling about Comey. I now only have very, very strong negative feelings about him and he just enhances the suspicions that I think so many Americans now have about law enforcement and we ought to be trusting law enforcement.

Nobody today would trust Comey with secrets and confidences,” Dershowitz concluded.

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