Common Core Defender Says ‘Children Belong to Us’

Ever since Common Core standards went into effect, more and more problems with the socialist educational program, whose only goal is to produce a generation of good little comrades, are evident.

Reading materials promote and endorse rape, incest and pedophilia.  Other reading material was pure pornography.  It encourages students to inform teachers about their parents.  Math isn’t about right answers but dictating a process.  It teaches students to love and obey the government, not their parents.

Maine’s Governor Paul LePage said he regrets ever signing it into law in his state.  Indiana’s Governor Mike Pence told his state that he plans on replacing Common Core with standards developed in the state for their own children.

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Complaints about Common Core are mounting by the day, but liberals are just brushing them off as the ramblings of a very small minority.  Paul Reville, former Massachusetts Secretary of Education and Harvard Professor recently participated as a panelist at the Center for American Progress.  Speaking about Common Core at the panel, Reville stated:

“To be sure, there’s always a small voice – and I think these voices get amplified in the midst of these arguments – of people who were never in favor of standards in the first place and never wanted to have any kind of testing or accountability and those voices get amplified.”

“But those are a tiny minority.  An overwhelming majority of teachers are saying this is something – as [panelist] Toby [Romer] said – that makes sense.”

“Again, the argument about where it came from I think privileges certain sort of fringe voices about federalism and states’ rights, and things of that nature, when really what we’re doing at the national level here now, state by state, is what a lot of our states thought made sense individually.”

“Why should some towns and cities and states have no standards or low standards and others have extremely high standards when the children belong to all of us and would move [to different states in their educational lives]?”

“And the same logic applies to the nation.  And it makes sense to educators. It makes sense to policymakers, and it’s why people have voluntarily entered into this agreement.”

“So, it’s less about where it came from and more about, ‘Okay, now we settled on this as a set of targets, what are the strategies we need to implement, to be successful at it?’ because educators and students want to be successful.”

Note that Reville used a typical socialist statement when he said ‘the children belong to all of us.’  Socialism teaches that children belong to the state, not the parents.  The state determines how they will be raised and educated and what they will learn.  It also dictates what they will believe, politically, socially and spiritually.  Parents have no say on any of these issues in a socialist state and this is exactly what Common Core is promoting.

If you don’t want your child to become a good little comrade who is more loyal to the state than to you, then you must take action ASAP!  Get your kids out of public school, especially if they are using Common Core Standards.  Your kids could be turned against you in just a year or two and by then it could be too late.

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