Common Core Insider Teacher Warns of Common Core Brainwashing

Brad McQueen is a public school teacher in Tucson, Arizona. He was also a Common Core insider who became aware of the dangers of curriculum. Those dangers so alarmed McQueen that he wrote the anti-Common Core book The Cult of Common Core: Obama’s Final Solution for Your Child’s Mind and Our Country’s Exceptionalism.

One day recently, he discovered that a US Constitution/Bill of Rights poster that hung in his classroom was not teaching the truth. The poster, created by the Arizona Foundation for Legal Services and Education had paraphrased the Second Amendment in such a way as to teach a lie. The poster read:

“You have the constitutional right to, in certain situations, ‘keep and bear arms’ without government interference.”

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Note that whoever wrote the poster stated ‘in certain situations’ which is nowhere stated in the Second Amendment or Constitution. McQueen goes on to explain that there is a purposeful effort to teach specific liberal concepts in today’s public education instead of the truth.

McQueen wrote:

“When I was working on the Common Core test last year, the PARCC exam, I was told that the new Common Core way of writing and thinking demands that kids cite the ‘experts’ in the texts that are presented to them on the exam when writing their essays and not rely on their own thinking or opinions.”

“I was told that if they wrote about their own opinions or their own thinking that they would fail the Common Core test.”

“I was also told that they expected that teachers would mimic this new Common Core way of writing and thinking in their classroom instruction. The true goal of Common Core is to have kids parrot back talking points, determined by the administration in power no doubt, rather than to truly think for themselves.”

“What if a teacher used the ‘expert’ opinion put forth on the erroneous U.S. Constitution poster I have in my classroom? With a few small changes in wording to our founding documents kids would be presented with quite a different view of their rights guaranteed in those same documents.”

“Kids instructed in the Common Core method of thinking and writing would know that they had better parrot back the ‘experts’ on that poster, or the experts in their Common Core aligned textbooks as their grades, their test scores, and their teachers’ paychecks may depend on their mastery of this skill.”

“Luckily, I caught the bogus wording of the Second Amendment on the class poster and my class and I compared the poster’s wording to the original document, the U.S. Constitution.”

“The kids in my class were furious and I liked that they were furious. It shows that our kids are still independent thinkers. However, as Common Core takes hold that will all be changing soon and perhaps in just one generation.”

Like McQueen, others have been warning that Common Core is more interested in training students to believe and think the way liberals want them to think and believe than they are in teaching the truths. It is nothing more than a socialist propaganda brainwashing tool designed to raise a generation of good socialist comrades. That’s why it is so important to repeal and replace Common Core in every state as soon as possible before it’s too late. As McQueen said, it could happen in just one generation and your kids and grandkids are that generation being targeted.

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