Common Core Takes another Hit from Tennessee School Board

I’m starting to believe that the Common Core Standards are just like Obamacare. Both were prepared by socialists with an agenda and both were passed and instituted before most people knew what was in them. However, Obamacare was an act of Congress and only Congress can legally repeal it, but the Common Core Standards was not an act of Congress and a growing number of states and local school boards are tossing the Common Core Standards out the window.

At the beginning of this year, Indiana Governor Mike Pence said that he wanted to replace Common Core Standards with a set of standards written by Indiana educators for Indiana students. In his statement, Pence said:

“When it comes to setting standards for schools, I can assure you, Indiana’s will be uncommonly high. They will be written by Hoosiers, for Hoosiers, and will be among the best in the nation. Hoosiers have high expectations when it comes to Indiana schools. That’s why Indiana decided to take a time-out on national education standards.”

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In May, anti-Common Core voters in Indiana made their voices heard when two state legislators who supported Common Core were defeated in the primary elections. The same thing has been happening in other parts of the country as well.

One of the latest blows to the Common Core Standards came from the Williamson County School Board in Tennessee. The twelve member board recently entertained a resolution which reads:

WHEREAS, the Williamson County Board of Education holds student achievement and educational growth as two of its highest responsibilities; and

WHEREAS, the Williamson County Board of Education strongly supports and is proud of the challenging, rewarding and excellent work performed by its teachers, administration and staff members; and

WHEREAS, Williamson County Schools consistently achieves high outcomes in student learning, and has been declared a high performing school district under the High Performing School Districts Flexibility Act; and

WHEREAS, the Williamson County Board of Education strongly supports local control of issues and decisions that have an impact on education in our local schools; and

WHEREAS, the Williamson County Board of Education favors standards and curricula emphasizing critical thinking and analytical skills over rote skill repetition, constant and continuous testing, and data-mining for evaluating student performance; and

WHEREAS, Williamson County Schools has already added additional rigorous standards to those established by the State of Tennessee, in the form of “Williamson County Expectations” or “WCE’s”; and

WHEREAS, Williamson County Schools has recently been granted additional authority to further develop local standards that meet or exceed Tennessee expectations; and

WHEREAS, Tennessee’s current Reading Language Arts and Mathematics standards are based on Common Core State Standards; and

WHEREAS, the educational standards such as Common Core State Standards that are nationally applicable and not locally controlled may be contrary to several existing laws when implemented in Tennessee, including but not limited to, the General Education Provisions Act (“GEPA”), codified at 20 U.S.C. § 1232(a); T.C.A. § 49-1-309; and S.J.R. 491, 108th General Assembly of the State of Tennessee (2014).


The Williamson County Board of Education stands opposed to Common Core-derived standards and in favor of educational standards and decision-making being driven by local control of the education process.

The resolution unanimously passed with a 12-0 vote. At least one school board member, Dr. Beth Burgos was quoted as saying that she ultimately wanted to see the Common Core Standards repealed in Tennessee.

From everything I’ve read on Common Core so far, I would like to see the entire standards repealed and burned. At the core of Common Core is an anti-American and anti-Christian socialist agenda to undermine all of the traditional values and standards that Americans have long held dear. It undermines parental authority and promotes promiscuous sex. Recommended reading materials include books that glorify rape, incest and pedophilia.

Just like Obamacare has little to do with improving the healthcare industry, the Common Core standards has little to do with real education. Its sole purpose was to brainwash your children to grow up to become good socialists who despise everything you hold dear and precious and that made America strong and prosperous.

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