Communists Join Al Sharpton’s Racist Protests

Al Sharpton could possibly be the most hate filled racist in the entire United States. He makes his living by fueling the fires of racism. If all of the racial rhetoric, protests and bigotry ended today, Al Sharpton would be unemployed tomorrow and broke in less than a year.

But if you look closely at the many protests that he helps organize and attend, he’s getting help from some very troubling groups. In protests across the nation that are demanding justice for the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, you will see people holding up signs with the website The signs generally read:

Ferguson is Everywhere


Police Brutality and Murder



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I wonder how many people in the protests realize exactly who really is. It stands for the Revolutionary Communist Party USA. The group is based in Chicago and run by their communist chairman Bob Avakian. His group advocates converting the entire world to communist rule, including the United States.

The Daily Signal did some checking into the group and found that they are heavily involved in protests against police in a number of US cities including New York and Washington DC. At a December 13 protest in Washington DC that was organized by Sharpton, over 100 people took signs prepared by the communist group and held them up at the protest.

When Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon held a press conference on November 24 concerning the protests in Ferguson, Revolution reporter Larry Everest interrupted Nixon asking if the lack of an indictment gives police a green light to carry on their violence across the nation.

In their newspaper, Revolution, Carl Dix, one of the founders of the group is calling all of their members and supporters to gather in mass protests on New Year’s Eve. He wants them to demand the end of ‘business as usual in Amerikkka’ that ‘includes the wanton police murder of black people.’

In the newspaper, Dix wrote:

“We should live in a society where those who are entrusted with public safety would sooner risk their own lives than kill or injure an innocent person. But in this society, cops who brutalize and murder are given the benefit of the doubt and are almost never punished in any way for their crimes.”

“If you think that police murder must stop, be out in the streets with that message on New Year’s Eve. Say in a loud, clear voice—No new year under this old system! And—We can’t breathe!”

Also appearing in the recent copy of Revolution, Avakian reposted an essay he wrote 30 years ago titled Richard Pryor Routines … or Why Pigs are Pigs. In the essay, Avakian wrote:

“Pigs are pigs. Of course, that’s an image, a symbol—in the most literal sense they are human beings, but they are human beings with a murderer’s mentality, sanctioned, disciplined, unleashed by the ruling class of society to keep the oppressed in line, through terror whenever necessary and as the ‘bottom line,’ as they like to say.”

The Revolutionary Communist Party is a radical group that is using the racial unrest to promote their anarchy and destruction of the America. It doesn’t surprise me that Barack Obama has never spoken out against the group since he openly admits his socialist upbringing and Marxist mentors. Even some of members of his first administration have been linked to socialism, communism and Marxism.

However, Al Sharpton needs to be asked if he is aware of exactly who the group is and if so, why hasn’t he spoken out against them. Is Sharpton completely ignorant of who the group really is? Is Sharpton’s racial hatred so blinding that he doesn’t want to see who they really are? Or does Sharpton agree with and support the communist group?

As often as Sharpton has appeared with Obama and the way he hates America it wouldn’t surprise me to find out that Sharpton has been working with or inviting the communist group to help him with his racial agenda.

When you see news footage of racial protests anywhere in the US, watch for the signs and posters that reference

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