Communists Win Big Twice in One Day

What a great time to be a communist.

Far from the “ash heap of history,” genuine dyed-red-in-the-wool commies showed they still have some punch and the once-greatest country in the world has a glass jaw and feet of clay.

In case you missed it, President Obama has decreed in his kingly manner, without consulting Congress, that we will now “normalize” relations with Cuba, despite decades of enforced isolation dating back to the JFK era.

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Clear across the country in Hollywood, Sony Pictures has finally thrown in the towel and given in to North Korean hackers’ demands by pulling the film “The Interview” from Christmas Day release.

So in one day, we’ve lost the Cold War (that Reagan had won) and we’ve lost our first genuine Cyber War.

The surprise announcement about Cuba came after 18 months of secret talks and was apparently sealed with a kiss as the U.S. agreed to release three Cuban spies, including one serving two life sentences for his involvement in crashing two airplanes, while Cuba released an American contractor and one unidentified “asset.”

Or not.

As usual, the Obama Administration is long on banter about how great Obama’s decision is, how it will fundamentally change the world, etc., while being short on specifics of what was given and what was received in exchange for the United States giving up its 50-year policy of seeking Cuban independence.

In Little Havana, Miami, outraged residents took to the streets with images of Obama and chanting “Traitor! Traitor!”

“We’ve been in the fight for Cuban independence for over 50 years, and we just got back-stabbed,” Carlos Munoz, 78, told USA Today.

Osvaldo Hernandez, 50, said, “Obama is on his knees in front of a terrorist regime. It’s sad.”

Some media included in their reporting that Obama had not ruled out paying a visit to Cuba, which probably means Michelle already has a shopping list and plans to lecture malnourished Communist children about how they should eat less.

The Sony capitulation involves a seedier backstory but is no less disturbing in terms of its meaning for fundamental rights, particularly the rights of free speech and private ownership of property.

Sony’s planned release of “The Interview” clearly caught the attention of North Korea’s psychotic leader Kim Jong Un.

Now let’s admit something upfront. “The Interview,” starring James Franco and Seth Rogan, sounds like an exceptionally stupid movie. The plot center’s around a TV show host doing an interview with North Korea’s Glorious Leader and being recruited by the CIA or some other agency to assassinate him.

Back in 2006, the movie “Death of a President,” made by a partnership between a British TV company and a Chicago shell company, carried out the silver-screen assassination of sitting President Bush, and it won all kinds of awards and press accolades.

Sony’s mistake was thinking that meant it is open season on world leaders, at least movie-wise. Unfortunately for Sony, the “Chicago Way” types kind of like Kim Jong Un, so when North Korea (that country denies it, but come on) decided to hack the company, steal payroll and business information, expose private emails, threaten to destroy the company, and warn audiences to stay away or risk being hurt or killed by some unexplained 9/11-type plot, it came as a bit of a surprise to the people in charge that they didn’t get a lot of support from the government.

When the death threats started rolling in against the movie stars, producers and ordinary theatergoers, and entire chains began pulling the movie, Sony’s executives must have felt they had no choice but to capitulate.

As bad as the movie sounds, it’s still a shame that Sony had to give in, and it’s embarrassing that King Obama couldn’t muster more support for the company other than telling people they should go to the movies.

This is the first time I can recall a foreign power literally reaching across an ocean and forcing a company to surrender rights that are supposed to be protected under the Constitution by the U.S. government.

And if the government stands by while North Korea does it to a major corporation, what hope would average Americans have if they ever became targets of Kim or some other ruthless government that broke into our private computer accounts, read our personal emails, stole our bank account numbers, harassed us for political … opinions …

Hmm. … Wait a minute. …

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