Comparing Trump to Nazis is Nuts

Holocaust references used to be a red line not to be crossed but since Donald Trump came down the escalator to announce his candidacy for the office President too many times we hear and see people trot out the word “Nazi” to describe someone or something associated with Trump. At least when those someones or somethings do not align with liberal political beliefs even by people in the MSM who should know better.

These Nazi or Hitler references are inappropriate because their hyperbolic nature cheapens the memory of the actual horrors that millions of people including six million Jews (1.5 million of them were children). From a journalistic point of view, the exaggeration is a sign of disrespect for their audience. Perhaps they feel their readers or viewers are not intelligent enough to understand their prose unless their narratives are blown way out of proportion, or maybe they just lack the semantic agility to craft the appropriate prose to interest and inform their audience.

Even before he was elected the MSM was comparing Trump to Hitler and/or Nazis, some examples include:

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In March 2016, The Huffington Post,

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Hitler was seen as the avenger of the humiliation of the Versailles Treaty and the economic destitution afflicting much of Germany. He vowed to make Germany great again (sound familiar?). That the particulars were an incoherent jumble didn’t matter either.

Washington Post on its editorial page

First, you don’t have to go back to history’s most famous example, Adolf Hitler, to understand that authoritarian rulers can achieve power through the ballot box.

and Newsweek

Though hardly anyone talks about it today, we really should. It is still real. It exists. It is distinct. It is not going away. Trump has tapped into it, absorbing unto his own political ambitions every conceivable resentment (race, class, sex, religion, economic) and promising a new order of things under his mighty hand.

You would have to be hopelessly ignorant of modern history not to see the outlines and where they end up. I want to laugh about what he said, like reading a comic-book version of Franco, Mussolini or Hitler.


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