Conceal Carrier Politely Rebuffs Gun Control Fanatic

Over the years I’ve had a number of opportunities to converse, debate and even argue with anti-gun people who want more gun control and fewer people owning guns. I’ll admit that some of those conversations have gotten rather heated on both sides. Yes, I’ll also admit that I’m as fanatical about protecting my Second Amendment rights to protect my family and myself. I’m sure if had the opportunity to speak face-to-face with Barack Obama or Michael Bloomberg that it wouldn’t take long for the conversation to get rather heated and intense.

Saying that, I have to admit that I could learn a lesson from a conceal carry gentlemen who recently had the displeasure of riding next to an anti-gun fanatic on his commute to work into Boston. The fanatic was on his phone talking to someone and expressing his opinions rather loudly.

Knowing my impetuous nature, I would have probably confronted the man right then and there, but the conceal carrying commuter opted for discretion at the time and then wrote a letter to the Boston Globe rebuffing the fanatic. He elegantly penned a response that is very much worth sharing:

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“TO THE man I sat next to on my way in to Boston:

When I boarded the commuter rail, you were already in the midst of a spirited phone conversation and didn’t seem to care about how loud you were talking. You were talking with someone about the Paris train attack and the growing epidemic of gun violence in America.

You spoke about the ‘murderous NRA’ and ‘bloodthirsty gun nuts’ who were causing our schools to ‘run red with blood.’ You spoke profanely of the Republicans who opposed President Obama’s call for ‘sensible gun control,’ and you lamented the number of ‘inbred redneck politicians’ who have ‘infiltrated Capitol Hill.’

I found myself amazed at the irony of the situation. While you were spewing your venom, I sat quietly next to you with my National Rifle Association membership card in my wallet and my 9mm pistol in its holster. You were only 12 inches away from my legally owned semiautomatic pistol. I suppose I didn’t look like the ‘bloodthirsty gun nut’ you thought I should be. It apparently didn’t register to you that I could so cleverly disguise myself by wearing a fleece coat, Patriots hat, and khakis.

So, to the angry liberal who sat next to me on the commuter rail: I don’t hate you. I don’t have any ill feelings toward you. I don’t wish to do you harm. And I don’t regret sitting next to you. On the contrary; I feel bad for you. It must hurt carrying that much hate inside of you.

You obviously have strong opinions about this hot topic. So, let me say this as plainly as I can: If a bad guy with a gun had decided to walk onto that train and start shooting people, I would have been prepared and able to use my gun to defend my own life and the lives of everyone else on that train, including yours. Although you may hate me, a gun owner, I would risk my life for you.

Opinions and ideologies make a pretty thin shield against the bullets of a madman. Your liberal self-righteousness and ignorance may have made you feel superior and comfortable, but during that 40-minute train ride to Boston, my gun kept you safe.

A. Linden

To use an old cliché, the pen is mightier than the sword and A. Linden Dighton used his to masterfully slay the fanatic’s rant and instead of doing it front of just a few fellow commuters he did it in front of the entire city of Boston and then some.

When he wrote about the irony of the situation, I can’t help but think about how other anti-gun fanatics like Barack Obama surround themselves with armed guards. He boldly travels around with who knows how many armed Secret Service agents. His girls attend a private school with at least 11 armed guards on duty during school hours.

Michael Bloomberg enjoyed the protection of armed security and/or police officers while he was mayor of New York City. Whenever he took the opportunity to condemn guns, he was only feet away from his armed protection detail. The same is true with Hillary Clinton.

Many of the people that blame guns for violence fail to realize that guns are what helps to keep them safe and secure in their homes. In most cases, a nation is only safe and secure because it has enough guns and weapons to protect itself. It’s no difference with the people in a community. You don’t see some idiot walking into rob a bar frequented by off duty law enforcement officers. Instead you see them targeting places that are known to be gun free establishments like schools, theaters, government facilities and certain businesses.

The bottom line is that if it wasn’t for so many Americans being armed and ready to use their guns, America would have been lost years ago, but sadly that’s a fact that liberals fail or refuse to accept and acknowledge and it’s up to us to educate them as politely as A. Linden Dighton.


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