Conceal Carry 1 – Armed Robber 0

Some states, run by conservatives who honor the Second Amendment rights to bear arms, have taken measures to allow most citizens to legally permitted conceal carry weapons in previously gun free zones. Over a year ago, Ohio made it legal for school administrators and faculty to obtain special training and licensing to carry conceal weapons on school campuses. Last month a senate committee in Michigan voted to allow conceal carry weapons on school campuses as well as other previously gun free zones.

Much to the dismay of anti-gun liberals like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Michael Bloomberg, there have been a growing number of reports of someone using a legally permitted concealed weapon to defend themselves or stop a crime. A month ago I listed a few examples of someone using a legally permitted concealed weapon to prevent or stop a violent crime. It goes against every bone in their liberal bodies to see Americans using legal weapons to thwart crimes, since guns are supposed to be the cause of everything bad in America.

Sometimes liberals go out of their way to villainize conceal carry permit holders who use their weapons to stop crime. Such seems to be the case of the shooting death of 55 year old Reginald Gildersleeve of Chicago’s South Side. According to reports, Gildersleeve walked into a South Side bodega wearing a mask, brandishing a gun and announcing this is a robbery. He pointed the gun at store employee when a customer pulled out his concealed weapon and fired at Gildersleeve, killing him.

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Police say that there are no charges pending against the man who shot Gildersleeve. He holds a legal permit to carry his concealed weapon. You would think that would be the end of it, but it may not be over for the would be hero.

It turns out that the gun used by Gildersleeve was not real. Reports indicate that it may have been a realistic looking toy gun or a paintball gun. Additionally, it was Halloween night and some are trying to say that Gildersleeve’s actions were just a silly Halloween prank. His family says it isn’t like him to do anything like robbing someone, but then that’s what most families say. They and some liberals in the area are calling for a more thorough investigation.

Liberals will do anything to lay the blame on the man who responded to a potentially life-threatening incident because he used a legally owned and carried concealed carry weapon. They seek to villainize the gun and gun owner instead of the man who was either committing a crime or acting stupid. I hope and pray that the man who acted responsibly, like most of us would, gets fully exonerated and the Second Amendment proves once again just how vital it is to protect and maintain.


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