Conceal Carry Gun Saves Life of NY Pizza Delivery Man

There are a number of lists of the most dangerous jobs in American and every list I checked was somewhat different, mostly in the way they ranked which job was more dangerous than another.  Besides police, commercial fisherman, firefighters, and garbage collectors, one of the professions that seemed to make most lists was that of a driver which they defined as someone delivering goods or driving a truck.  This includes pizza delivery drivers.  Several years ago, Forbes listed drivers (truckers and salespeople) at the number 8 most dangerous job in America.

While lists mainly looked at accident rates on the roads for drivers, most of them failed to include the dangers that pizza delivery drivers face from people who intend to rob them of their cash.  If you live in or near any major city, you’re bound to hear reports of pizza delivery drivers being robbed, stabbed, shot and killed.

That’s why some pizza delivery drivers have conceal carry permits and carry a gun for their own protection.  A pizza delivery man in Buffalo, New York was one of those with a conceal carry permit and is now glad he had it.

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Shortly before 10:30pm this past Monday night, this particular driver pulled up to a residence to deliver the food.  He was greeted by a gang of thieves wearing masks.  One of them struck him in the head with a hammer and then pulled a gun on the driver.  Keeping his wits about him, the driver pulled out his own legally carried concealed gun and fired once, hitting the masked attacker, causing the other thieves to run for their lives.

Reports from Buffalo say that DeJuan Coleman, 18, is recovering from his gunshot wound and is under police guard, facing first degree robbery charges.  The driver was treated for wounds to his head and hand.

Now consider the fact that the state of New York is one, if not the most anti-gun state in the nation.  Gov. Andrew Cuomo continues to push for some of the strictest anti-gun and anti-Second Amendment laws in the nation.  Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has spent millions supporting anti-gun legislation through the country.  Most recently, he is spending $50 million of his own money to help deprive Americans of the Second Amendment rights to bear arms.

If either of these New Yorkers had their way, the Buffalo pizza delivery man would not only have been robbed, but also beaten or shot to death by the gang of thieves.  President Barack Obama would agree with them.  They don’t want Americans to have the right to defend themselves against an ever increasing violent society.

Ironically, Obama is constantly surrounded by armed security personnel as are the rest of his family.  Chances are, Cuomo has at least a couple of armed security with him when he goes out in public and most likely Bloomberg did also.

I would like to see all three of these anti-gun politicians meet face to face with the pizza delivery driver, Sarah McKinley, Kendra St. Clair and the hundreds of others who have used guns to protect themselves from attackers.  Newly widowed Sarah, 18 at the time, was home alone with her 3 month old baby when two knife wielding intruders broke into her home.  She used a shotgun to shoot one of the men after they kicked in her front door.  Kendra was only 12 years old when an intruder broke into her home.  She used her mom’s .40 caliber Glock to wound the intruder in protecting herself.

How could they sit there with any sense of decency and tell all of these people that they would rather they have been unarmed at the time of their attacks.  How many of those people would still be alive to face the three politicians?


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