Condoleezza Rice says Bailing on the Iran Agreement wouldn’t be ‘the End of the World’

Lot’s of folks in Washington seem worried that in the aftermath of Israel’s Iran revelations, President Trump now has all the reason he needs to leave the Iran agreement.

The reality is that the agreement has always been massively flawed, in many ways it was never really about stopping Iranian nuclear development and it was more about the world presenting a united front against Iran. Sadly, the agreement gave Iran everything they wanted and required almost nothing in return. The one thing that the allies asked was that Iran halt their nuclear weapons program, but the agreement gave no real way for the world to ensure that had happened.

So now that we KNOW Iran has been lying and cheating all along… should we be worried if the President pulls us out of the Iran Nuclear Agreement?

Former Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, says it wouldn’t be “the end of the world.”

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Condoleezza Rice: The dossier reinforces what we’ve already known, that the Iranians were secretly developing nuclear weapons at secret sites. It doesn’t, perhaps, speak to the 2015 agreement, except in the following way: 

You have to worry about verification with the Iranians, and the verification measures in the 2015 agreement were not very strong. They had long periods of notification, long periods of dispute mediation, and so when you know that a country lies about a nuclear weapons, a verification regime that is weak is really problematic.

Nora O’Donnell: We’ve had various members of the Trump administration testify to Congress that there is no proof that Iran is violating the 2015 accord. What is the damage if President Trump withdraws from that accord?

Condoleezza Rice: Let me say, I wouldn’t have signed this agreement to begin with, I have said that before. Particularly on verification, it was a weak agreement. It allows Iran to break out after a specific period of time. I probably would have stayed in for alliance management reasons more than anything else, but I don’t think it is the end of the world if the administration leaves the agreement. 

Rice also spoke about her new book and about the Trump administration’s progress in peace talks with North Korea.

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