Confirmed: The Double Tap Terrorism Tactic Is Also US Drone Strategy

Perhaps you remember how the Boston Marathon bombs did not go off at precisely the same time. First one exploded and then, while people tried to run away are toward the scene to help, suddenly the next explosion detonated. I have no idea if that was done intentionally. I don’t know how precise the Tsarnaev brothers were capable of being. But whether they meant to do it or not, the successive explosions in close proximity came close to traditional terroristic behavior.

“Known as the ‘double tap,’ the tactic involves bombing a target multiple times in relatively quick succession, meaning that the second strike often hits first responders. A 2007 report by the Homeland Security Institute called double taps a ‘favorite tactic of Hamas’ and the FBI considers it a tactic employed by terrorists.”

It is also a favorite tactic of the US Military and the CIA. Their drone strikes are “double taps.

“NYU student Josh Begley is tweeting every reported U.S. drone strike since 2002, and the feed highlights a disturbing tactic employed by the U.S. that is widely considered a war crime.”

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The Business Insider story treats Begley’s singling out of this trend as a new revelation. In fact, it has been reported before, but the US refuses to comment on the grounds that the operation, which everyone knows about, is “secret.”But Begley is doing us a service to go review the data and confirm the disturbing pattern. His twitter feed included this from the New York Times, published originally on June 18, 2009:

“According to residents in the area, in an initial strike, two missiles hit the compound, killing one person. When people rushed to the scene to rescue the wounded, two more missiles struck, killing eight, the residents said.”

Our current crop of “best and brightest” will assure us that drones are a tool for making us safe. But that is complete nonsense. Targeting funerals and blowing up first responders who come to help the wounded—often enough wounded women and child non-combatants, is not a way to defeat Al Qaeda but to create more of the resentment they feed upon in order to recruit more jihadists to their cause. I can’t help but notice that, while we spread sporadic and unpredictable death and destruction in some places through armed drones, we have actually used Al Qaeda and related terrorists in Libya, and are using them again in Syria. It seems almost too convenient that we create ideal conditions for recruiting more terrorists on the one hand, and then arm terrorists to destabilize other regions on the other.

Rather than trying to make American more secure, US policy is to go stir up the hornet’s nest of Middle Eastern terrorists and endanger more American lives from terrorist reprisals.

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