Congratulations Taxpayer! You Just Paid Over $7 Million for Obama’s Hawaii Vacation!

If you are like the average American today, you are barely making ends meet.  You are struggling to pay you mortgage or rent along with providing for your family.  Luxury expenditures, like going to the movies or taking vacations, have had to take a back seat to paying the monthly bills.

I know the last family vacation we took was back in 1992 when we took the girls to Disney World in Orlando and visited my wife’s sister in Port Orange.  Other kids and their families got to go on vacations, but we just never could afford to go.  Not being able to afford to go on vacations with the family has always bothered me as it makes me feel like I’m not able to properly provide for my family.  You know, it hurts the old male pride.

I guess that’s why I get so angry and frustrated when the Obama’s go on so many vacations on my tax dollars.  They have averaged four vacations a year while I’ve been able to average one vacation every 25 years if I’m lucky.

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With all the news of the fiscal cliff, we were made to feel sorry that Obama had to leave his family on vacation in Hawaii while he flew back to Washington.  After ramrodding a travesty of a deal down the throats of Republicans, Obama hopped back on Board Air Force One and returned to Hawaii to finish his vacation.

The estimate cost of flying Air Force One is listed to be around $180,000 per hour.  From Washington DC to Hawaii and back is 18 hours.  That means that just the cost to fly to Hawaii then back to Washington then back to Hawaii and then return home will cost US taxpayers around $6.48 million.

Don’t forget to add to that the cost of the earlier flights taken by security and other staff to prepare for the Obama vacation.  The Obamas never fly alone either.  They always take private secretaries, Secret Service, personal hairdressers and wardrobe people as well as Michelle’s momma.

When all is said and done, this year’s Hawaii vacation will cost you and me well over $7 million.  One estimate has placed the cost of just their Hawaii vacations from 2009 to 2012 to over $20 million.

So tell me if I’m wrong, but at a time when the US government can’t pay its bills and is having to borrow billions of dollars from Japan and China, why are we spending over $7 million for a vacation?  I believe the President and every other elected official need to be put on the same austere budget that the rest of America is on.  If they want to vacation in Hawaii, then let them buy airline tickets and board a commercial flight like the rest of us.  When they get there, let them rent a car like the rest of us.  If we need to hire extra help, we pay for it out of our own pocket, so that should be the case with the hairdressers and wardrobe people.  And Michelle’s momma?  She needs to find a home of her own and someone other than us taxpayers to support her.

That’ my opinion and I’m stickin’ to it!

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