Congress Pushes for Answers in Libya Terrorist Attacks

United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice, in a letter released Friday, is insisting she did not deliberately mislead Congress about the terrorist attacks in Libya that left four Americans dead.

The Obama Administration is in full coverup mode while the king is busy with his campaigning.

Rice is understandably upset. She was put in front of the world as the point man for the Administration’s ridiculous story that the embassy murders were the result of a “spontaneous” protest over a silly little YouTube video.

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As the cover story has unraveled to reveal the Administration’s spectacular malfeasance in failing to secure the Libyan embassy, Rice is eager to point the finger of suspicion anywhere but at her office.

In the letter to Republican senators, Rice wrote, “I relied solely and squarely on the information the intelligence community provided to me and other senior U.S. officials, including through the daily intelligence briefings that present the latest reporting and analysis to policy makers. This information represented the intelligence community’s best, current assessment as of the date of my television appearances, and I went out of my way to ensure it was consistent with the information that was being given to Congress.”

Several senators weren’t buying it. In a joint statement, John McCain, Kelly Ayotte and Ron Johnson said, “The Obama administration failed to sufficiently protect our consulate and diplomats in Benghazi in the face of obvious and growing threats in eastern Libya in the months leading up to the September 11, 2012, terrorist attack. … Either the Obama administration is misleading Congress and the American people, or it is blaming the entire failure on the intelligence community.”

The senators added that the Administration’s handling of events around the embassy attack “indicates a breathtaking level of incompetence.”

Meanwhile, House Republicans on the Oversight and Government Reform Committee are still awaiting answers from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton about why repeated requests from the Libyan embassy for increased security were denied.

The Canada Free Press has reported that an unnamed D.C. security official claims the Administration rejected the requests because it wanted to project a “friendly” image to the Muslim extremists in Benghazi.

The ongoing scandal and coverup by the administration is being largely ignored by the media, who are still working to re-elect Obama and focusing on the presidential horse race.

The Administration is getting increasingly desperate. If the truth of Obama’s foreign policy incompetence begins to dawn on more American voters, it could doom Obama’s re-election chances.

To stave off that possibility, Obama appears to be making preparations to attack targets within Libya, including manned heavy air strikes, according to military sources. He has amply demonstrated with his involvement in the Arab Spring uprisings and the fighting in Syria that he’s not above starting a war for political advantage.

When Jimmy Carter’s appeasement of radical Muslims caused the Iran hostage crisis to drag out, he eventually tried to save his reputation by launching a covert military operation that failed very publicly and effectively sealed his presidency’s fate.

In Obama, we have a president who is even more incompetent and reckless than Carter ever was, and he’s got control of an even more devastating military. The looming question is, will he use it in a bid to save himself?

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