Congressional Black Caucus Brings ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ to Floor

In one of the most embarrassing and revealing political demonstrations in recent memory, members of the Congressional Black Caucus used the “hands up, don’t shoot” gesture on the House floor on Tuesday.

Speaking in the defense of every looter, arsonist and thug who has been pillaging Ferguson, Missouri, Democrat members of the Caucus took turns complaining about all the alleged police violence across the country.

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, raising his hands in the air, said, “Hands up, don’t shoot. It’s a rallying cry of people all across America who are fed up with police violence.”

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It’s also the cry of people victimized by urban thugs like Michael Brown, who before he was shot had beaten and robbed a store clerk. That’s the same guy who beat a police officer — inside his own police car — and tried to take his gun, for what? To use as a paperweight? If Brown was trying to take Officer Darren Wilson’s gun — and the facts show that he was — it was because Brown planned to use it.

The only reason he didn’t get the gun is because Wilson successfully fought him off. And when Brown tried to walk off as if nothing happened and was ordered to halt, did he halt and comply with a lawful order from the officer he had just beaten?

That’s an important question, because that’s where the “hands up, don’t shoot” lie comes from, from Brown’s accomplice, whose testimony was thoroughly disproved.

Brown did not put his hands in the air and surrender; he charged Wilson like an angry bull. Wilson had every reason to believe that Brown planned to beat him again and possibly kill him, and every right and duty to prevent that from happening.

Let’s state this clearly, one more time, for the record: Michael Brown’s death was a legal shooting and the results of Brown’s own conduct.

The facts are available in the grand jury’s report for anyone to check, and they are certainly available to members of Congress.

But the Black Caucus, no doubt looking to score cheap points with its supporters, has chosen to embrace a lie that disparages police officers and gives a pass to criminal behavior.

That should probably be no surprise, coming from the Democratic Party whose leader just unlawfully gave 5 million illegal aliens (aka, criminals) a big presidential stamp of approval.

The Democrats once again are playing games with race for political gain. In doing so, they are showing that they choose the mob over the law, chaos over order.

Rep. Al Green, another member of the brain trust, said, “This is a movement that will not dissipate. It will not evaporate.”

We know that because it’s the same movement that since the founding of this country as a nation of free individuals has been trying to drag us back to being a nation under totalitarianism, where the law and whether it’s followed depend on the whims of the elect.

The people who support this backwards, retrograde, de-evolutionary impulse dare to call themselves Progressives, when all they really do is embrace their own destructive impulses.

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