Connecticut Taking Guns Away – Texas Group Giving Guns Away

On Monday, the Connecticut state legislature approved a set of gun control laws that would make it the strictest state in the nation.  Democrats pushed for even tougher laws, but ended up having to partially compromise with Republicans.

The new gun control laws (more accurately ‘people control’ laws) would ban over 100 types of high powered rifles – specifically assault and all assault-style rifles.  Additionally, the state would require anyone wishing to purchase a rifle, shotgun, and even ammunition to undergo a thorough background check and training, before being issued a state certificate of eligibility that would allow them to make the purchase. In order to receive the certificate, even to buy a box of .22 caliber shells for target practice, a person must be fingerprinted, take a firearms training class, pass a criminal background check AND pass a background check to see if they have ever been committed to a psychiatric hospital.

High capacity magazines, those that hold more than 10 rounds, would be banned from purchase.  Anyone who currently owns a high capacity magazine would be required to register it with the state.

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Connecticut officials believe that removing guns from the hands of the public will create a safer environment, even though statistics from around the US and world prove otherwise.

While Connecticut is doing everything it can to disarm its citizens, a group in Texas is expanding their efforts to put shotguns in the hands of qualified people who live in high crime areas.

Armed Citizen Project began in Houston and was recently copied in Tucson, Arizona.  They are now expanding their program into Dallas.  The group raises funds to use to train and arm citizens and single women who live in high crime areas so that they can defend themselves and their property.

In order to get the free shotgun (remember Joe Biden’s “Buy a shotgun”?), the person must undergo and pass a background check and complete a firearms training program and have lived at their current address for at least one year.

One South Dallas resident, Calvin Carter, is happy to see the program coming to his area.  Last year, there was a confrontation between rival gangs right behind his house.  Police had to respond in riot gear and one gang member was shot and killed by the police.  Carter told the local news:

“It sounds good but you have to be careful.”

“It’s good to be able to have weapons in case something happens to you or your family when you’re not there, that weapon could save them.”

Of course the news always has to show at least one interview with an anti-gun person like they did here.  I wonder if that lady would feel the same way if she was attacked and had no way to defend herself or if someone with a gun came to her rescue and did defend her?

Two states with different philosophies. Connecticut is one of the liberal Democratic strongholds and Texas is a bastion of Republican conservatism.  Connecticut believes in keeping their people defenseless and making them easier prey for criminals.  Texas believes in arming their people so they can defend themselves.

If you had a choice between the two states, which would you rather live in?

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