Conservative Congressman Rips the Obama Administration for Protecting the IRS

Florida Congressman Ron DeSantis is angry and he’s telling anyone who will listen about why. In a recent newsletter DeSantis told his constituents that the Obama administration has chosen politics over the law and sided with socialism against freedom.

More than 2 years ago, former IRS employee Lois Lerner weaponized the IRS and used her authority to infringe the rights of American citizens. Yet, on Friday afternoon, the Department of Justice (DOJ) informed the House Judiciary Committee that they will close their investigation without criminal charges, writing that “what occurred is disquieting and may necessitate corrective action — but it does not warrant criminal prosecution.”

Despite a 2013 investigation by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration that found the IRS has inappropriately targeted conservative organizations and the subsequent attempts by the IRS to stonewall congressional investigations, the DOJ claims that Lerner did not act in a political fashion — something that has already been refuted just by the Lerner emails Congress has received (many thousands of emails, even though under congressional subpoena, were destroyed by the IRS).

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I believe that IRS Commissioner John Koskinen is obstructing justice and should be held to account for misleading Congress. I have previously called for the removal of IRS Commissioner Koskinen, either by President Barack Obama or Congress. Administration officials such as Lerner and Commissioner Koskinen are not above reproach and should not be held accountable for their wrongdoing.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch will be testifying before the House Judiciary Committee next Thursday. I will be sure to question her regarding her department’s investigation into the IRS and whether the dismissal of charges was politically motivated.

The American people deserve accountability. I will continue to demand that administration officials take responsibility and such gross violations of the public trust are investigated fully and impartially.

DeSantis also excoriated the media on their failed coverage of Hillary Clinton’s connection to the Benghazi scandal, wondering at their silence over her revealing testimony.

The Select Committee on the Benghazi terror attacks held a lengthy public hearing with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as the witness.  While the Beltway press has little interest in the Benghazi investigation beyond running interference for Clinton, the hearing was informative.  It demonstrated, through newly released emails sent by Secretary Clinton in the immediate aftermath of the attack, that Clinton knew that the Benghazi attacks were pre-planned terrorist attacks and not the result of spontaneous demonstrations caused by a YouTube video.  This clear evidence conflicts with Clinton’s public posture following the attacks; Clinton even told the father of Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods that the video was to blame when she knew that was not the case.  The hearing also showed that Secretary Clinton paid little attention to the security situation in Libya in the months leading up to the attacks.  Whereas she had been intensely focused on the removal of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, by 2012 she was more communicative with political operative Sidney Blumenthal than she was with Ambassador Christopher Stevens. 

 We need more leaders like Ron DeSantis on Capitol Hill, and we need to give them our full support when they get there. Thank you for fighting for us Congressman.

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