Conservative Giant asks voters, “What are You Waiting for?” Giving Ted Cruz Another Major Endorsement!

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has scored yet another major endorsement in his continuing fight for the GOP nomination. Longtime conservative firebrand and activist, Richard A. Viguerie, is stepping up and asking conservative voters who are still window shopping for a candidate, “What are you waiting for? In Ted Cruz conservatives have a candidate that’s everything we want.”

Viguerie has been fighting for conservatism for over 60 years, since his time in the Young Americans for Freedom back in the 1960’s, through his time with the Moral Majority in the 1980’s, and even today through his website Conservative HQ.

In a recent article for Conservative HQ Viguerie argues vociferously and passionately for conservatives to rise up and throw their support behind Senator Ted Cruz for President. Viguerie gives a few basic reasons for his decision to support Cruz.

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That candidate is Senator Ted Cruz of Texas.

To conservatives who continue to window shop I say, “What are you waiting for? In Ted Cruz conservatives have a candidate that’s everything we want.”

1.) Ted Cruz is the best presidential candidate since Ronald Reagan.

2.) Ted Cruz is a fighter.

3.) Ted Cruz is a leader on our issues.

4.) Ted Cruz is one of us – a movement conservative.

5.) Ted Cruz’s commitment to governing according to the Constitution is unquestioned.

6.) Even establishment commentators are saying he’s running a brilliant campaign.

The Viguerie lays out a comprehensive and compelling argument for why Cruz is the most deserving candidate in the race. He explains that in every important political battle of the last few years, Cruz has chosen the right side, even if it wasn’t politically expedient or popular. Cruz has led in spite of himself, proving his selflessness and his worth to conservatives everywhere.

Ted Cruz has been a leader of almost all the conservative policy battles on Capitol Hill. Conservatives do not have to wonder whether if, when the chips are down, Ted Cruz will be right on the cultural issues. Ted Cruz has fought for, and will continue to fight for the conservative agenda:

Defunding Obamacare

Defunding Planned Parenthood

Stopping out-of-control spending

Stopping amnesty for illegal aliens and securing the border

Defeating ISIS and the doctrine of Islamic supremacy

Eliminating the burdens of the Obama regulatory state

Reining-in the IRS, the EPA and other out-of-control agencies

And most importantly, he has fought to bring the federal government back within strict constitutional limits

Viguerie then sums it all up neatly and tidily by reminding everyone that Cruz is the one candidate who is right on the most issues, but he’s also the one candidate who has not wavered from his beliefs when the going got rough in Washington, D.C. While some of the other candidates may say that they agree with conservatives on the most important issues of the day, they’ve all wavered when the rubber met the road and the going got tough. Whether it was Rubio on illegal immigration and amnesty, or Donald Trump on abortion, gay marriage and Obamacare, or Dr. Ben Carson on the 2nd Amendment… only Cruz has remained true to conservatism in the face of stiff opposition.

Cruz has the record and the platform to bring together the three legs of the Reagan coalition; national defense conservatives, economic conservatives and cultural conservatives. He came to Washington on a wave of Tea Party support, and unlike Marco Rubio he did not abandon those principles once he got to DC. Cruz also has stood with the liberty movement on issues of privacy and constitutional liberty, and will attract most libertarian-leaning voters that establishment Republicans have alienated.

I don’t agree with Viguerie on everything, but when it comes to Ted Cruz being perfect for the job of President… I am totally on board.

Read Viguerie’s full article at Conservative HQ

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