Conservative Leader Explains Why He Cannot Vote for Ben Carson

Michael Farris is the Chancellor of Patrick Henry College and the Chairman of the conservative Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA). He is a conservative leader and his opinion and instruction on political and cultural matters are very important to many in the conservative movement. Farris has worked tirelessly over the years advocating for Christians and home school families, as well as working to see the horrors of abortion stopped. He has earned much credibility with his efforts fighting for conservative causes – so when he wrote the following post on his Facebook page, the conservative community took notice.

Farris is arguing that he cannot vote for Dr. Ben Carson because of Carson’s perplexing views on abortion.

From Michael Farris’ Facebook Page:

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I cannot vote for Ben Carson

Ben Carson and I were the only two speakers at an event this spring in Oklahoma. We both addressed the need to impose restrictions on the scope of the federal government. My distinct impression at the time was that Carson was not really prepared to the address the topic at a presidential level.

Ever since that evening, I have watched Carson to see if he has pursued the equivalent of a remedial civics education to see if he could move into the zone of someone truly prepared to be President.

But, the area of preparation is secondary to the growing reality that Ben Carson has aberrant views on abortion. He claims to be fiercely prolife. He is simply not prolife as I define that term.

Ben CarsonI attach two articles on this subject. One is from Politico–which is a mainstream political reporting service that I believe has a very good record on accuracy. The second (attached in the first comment on this thread) is from a pro-life news service.

Carson admits that he referred women with “problem pregnancies” to abortionists. He says he wanted them to hear both sides and made up their own minds. Carson was on a board that gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to Planned Parenthood. He has an explanation for this as well. He used fetal tissue from aborted babies in his research. He didn’t kill the babies. They weren’t killed so that he could research, but he used their bodies.

All of that should be troubling enough. But, it is the defense of these actions that utterly disqualifies Carson from getting my vote on the prolife issue. His spokesman says, “You can’t legislate morality.”

A careful reading of the record is this. Carson claims to be personally prolife as an individual and as a doctor. Most prolife doctors I know would do none of the things that Carson has done.
But frankly, his practice as a doctor is useful only for gaining insight to his political and legal views. He is running for president. His political and legal views are all that ultimately matter on this point.

Carson doesn’t even claim to be politically pro-life in any kind of recognizable way. When you say (through a spokesman or otherwise) that you can’t legislate morality and you are talking about abortion–you are in fact endorsing the “pro-choice” rhetoric of the abortion movement.

This is disqualifying for me on a substantive level but it reinforces my conclusion that he is unprepared. A person who has been tested would have thought these things through before in the legal and political context. He would be seasoned. He would know what he believes and be ready to defend it. At best Carson is working through what he believes. He needed to do this before he ran for president.

When choosing an elder, the Bible says to lay hands on no man suddenly but let him first be tested. This is clearly applicable here.

Carson has an inspiring personal story but his views and his understanding of law and politics are unacceptable to me.

Note that I have not said that Christians cannot or should not support Carson. I have not said that pro-lifers cannot support Carson. I have not said that conservatives cannot support Carson.

You need to decide that for yourself.

I want a president prepared to defend the life on the unborn in law. I will not vote for Ben Carson.


You can read more about Carson’s confusing abortion stance at Politico.

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